Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 20th October 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, Jaman getting an idea to take Riddhi’s help to fulfill Aarav and Emily’s plan. He shares it with them and proclaims that the latter is the perfect choice according to their plan. Aarav gets doubtful about it and states that they can’t ask Riddhi for the favour, while at that time the latter comes there states that she is ready to help them. She proclaims that she wants to return their favour, to which Aarav says that it isn’t necessary for her to do it, to which she replies that she willing wants to help them. She tells that she have seen love in Aarav and Emily’s eyes and so wants to help them to get together.

Here, Riddhi states that Anandibaa won’t doubt her while Aarav finally agrees to take her help. Emily stays silent while Aarav notices her and ask about the matter. She looks at Riddhi being silent, while Aarav tries to make her understand that the latter will surely help them to fulfill their plan. He tries to convince Emily to trust Riddhi, while the latter herself makes Emily understand and proclaims that she won’t betray them.

Jaman gets elated and discuss the plan with Aarav and Emily. Whereas, they explains it to Riddhi also. Meanwhile, Gunjan ask Anandibaa about Aarav and instigates her against Emily. She ask if the latter is with Emily? To which Anandibaa gets scared and tries to call him but couldn’t get connected. Gunjan keeps manipulating Anandibaa against Aarav and Emily’s relationship, while the latter gets scared.

Elsewhere, Gulab comes there and hears Gunjan and Anandibaa’s conversation. He dismisses their thoughts and ask them not to make them own assumptions. He gets frustrated with their regular interference in Aarav’s life and ask to give the latter some space. Whereas, at that time Aarav comes there along with Riddhi.

Everyone gets shocked seeing Aarav’s condition while Riddhi helps him to sit. Anandibaa gets shocked seeing his bandages and ask about the matter, to which he makes up a story that he got into an accident and Riddhi was the one who saved his life. The latter recalls how they discussed about the plan and how she have to please Anandibaa.

Ahead, Riddhi shows her concern towards Aarav while Anandibaa shows her gratitude towards the latter. She thanks Riddhi for saving her son, while Aarav also expresses his gratitude towards her and praises her kn front of everyone. Anandibaa smiles seeing their bond and then again ask Riddhi about her family. The latter answers to Anandibaa’s questions and then goes near her.

Anandibaa ask that where Riddhi is staying? To which the latter replies that she is in Dharamshala. Anandibaa feels bad for her and ask to shift inside their house. Riddhi was about to deny but Anandibaa convinces her. She takes Riddhi along with her inside the house, while Gunjan scolds Pinky for being laid back. She warns the latter that Riddhi is taking her place and will get married to Aarav if she doesn’t do anything.

Further, Emily recalls Aarav and her plan. She takes the divorce papers and tries to sign it but gets emotional recalling her past moments with Aarav. Jaman notices her and tries to convince her, while Mridula comes there and interrogates him about Riddhi. He assures them that the latter won’t betray them and understands Mridula’s care towards Emily. He also insists the latter to sign the divorce papers as per their plan, while Mridula stops Emily and orders her not to do it, while both of them gets shocked.

Precap:- Gunjan gives money to Anandibaa while she hands it over to some ladies. They states that 2 lakhs is missing, while Gunjan starts her acting and proclaims that she didn’t misplaced the money. She tells that she didn’t even touched the money and kept it as it was given by Anandibaa. She tells that no one even entered the house except for Riddhi, while the latter comes there and aak about the matter. Gunjan notify her regarding the issue, to which she gives her bag to Gunjan to check. The latter searches inside it and brings out the lost money, while everyone gets shocked.