Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 3rd September 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, Emily notifying Anandibaa about the competition result. She tells that she lost it, while Anandibaa gets elated and questions if Emily remembers their challenge. The latter nods positively and tells that she have to leave the house after loosing the halwa competition. Gunjan smirks and ask Emily to fulfill her promise, while the latter insists Anandibaa to give a second chance to her. She keeps requesting Anandibaa but the latter insults Emily stating that she doesn’t deserve to be the daughter-in-law of their house and ask her to leave from there, whereas Pinky agrees to help her in packing the stuffs.

Here, Emily gets shattered and keeps insisting Anandibaa for one more chance, Gunjan interrupts and says that she will again prepapre halwa and will again fail the competition. She reminds Emily that Anandibaa has so much of reputation in Gondal and proclaims that she can’t risk to loose it because of her.

Emily becomes worried while Anandibaa’s words hurts her. Meanwhile, Gunjan states that only God can help Emily to return back to their house, while the latter gets an idea and rushes out of the house. Gunjan along with Pinky and Anandibaa gets shocked and keeps thinking that where Emily can go. She also states that the latter haven’t even taken her luggage.

Elsewhere, Aarav gets excited to visit America along with Emily. He gets into a conversation with Jaman and notify him about the matter, while the latter ask him to bring certain things for him from America. Meanwhile, Aarav tells Anandibaa about his decision to go along with Emily while the latter gets shocked. He proclaims that he have to follow his promises given to Emily during their marriage.

Gunjan shows divorce papers to Anandibaa and states that they have to get Emily and Aarav’s sign in order to stop him from following Emily to America. Gunjan takes Anandibaa’s blessings to break Emily and Aarav’s wedding, while the latter gets proud of Gunjan.

Ahead, Gulab holds a man named Bhagwaan and ask him to return his money. The latter somehow gets successful in escaping from there, while Gulab tries to catch him but gets failed. At that time Emily sees him and questions if he knows where she can find the God? He ask her to shouts God’s name inside the temple area and ask him to notify when she will meet him.

Emily follows Gulab’s instructions, while Bhagwaan comes out and instantly Gulab catches him. Whereas, Emily again continues searching for God and questions Jaman about it, while a priest hears her conversation and takes her inside the temple. He explains her that God will appear in front of her and help her only when she will do a difficult task for him.

Further, Emily agrees to follow priest’s instructions while he ask her to concentrate in front of God, standing on her one leg only. She starts doing it and keeps praying even in storm and rain. She passes the test of God, while Aarav keeps searching for Emily and takes Jaman’s help to look for her. Meanwhile, Lord Krishna appears in front of Emily by getting impressed with her prayers and she gets mesmerised after seeing him.

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