Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 4 May 2021 Written Update – The evil side of Shobhit

At the beginning of the episode, Nandni picks up Darash’s luggage and puts it on the table. When Darsh arrives in the room, she tells this thing to Darsh. He says how dare she touch his stuff. Nandni says, where will she sleep then. Darsh tells that he has a habit of sleeping alone. Nandni locks the door. Darsh asks what she is doing. Nandni says that now she will not leave this room until she gets an answer to her questions.

She asks him what happened that he does not even want to look at her and is so angry with her. Darsh recalls the wards of Charmi in which she tells him that Nandni had placed a condition in front of his mother that she will marry Darsh only when Gunn is married to Shobhit. Darsh gets angry after remembering this.

Nandni asks him when Darsh had brought such a good gift for her yesterday, then what happened that he is so angry with her. Then Nandni falls. Darsh does not even handle her. Nandni is amazed to see this. Darsh asks her if she has fallen. He says that he is blind so he could not see it.

Then Darsh’s camera is about to fall, but he does not let his camera fall. Nandni says how he caught the camera then. Darsh tells that he keeps the things he loves in a comfortable way. There Gunn tells Baa that Shobhit was out of the room all night. Then Shobhit comes there and gifts her a diamond necklace. And tells her that she should never tells anyone that he does not live with her.

Next Nandni asks Darsh what is her fault. Why is he misbehaving with her so much. She says if she has made a mistake, she is ready to rectify it. Darsh then asks her to pack her belongings and leave. Nandni gets stunned. He takes her stuff and throws out of the room.

But then Rajiv comes there and Darsh makes a excuse and goes out of the room. Nandani follows him. Darsh hears two people talking. They are saying that Nandni married Darsh only for money. Then Darsh takes a water pot and goes towards the sea and gives up his goodness. Nandni is shocked to see this. She asks him what he is doing. He says that he is doing the sharadh of old Darsh who is good to everyone. Nandni is shocked to hear that.