Actress Pranitaa Pandit shares her experience of live hosting

Actress Pranitaa Pandit has recently started doing live sessions with Amazon. Sharing her new journey as a host she says, “Amazon live is a new platform for creators and celebrities where they can show their cart and talk about the products which are there on Amazon. This concept has already been there in the USA and been doing really well. Amazon has recently started this in India and I am one of the creators. Since I have moved to Goa, television was not an option so I thought to explore this. It has been doing really well. I have been doing my live shows with them for almost a month now and have gotten some great responses in terms of reviewing products, talking about things. We speak about skin care, makeup, toddler products amongst others. I have been enjoying it a lot and there is a lot of interaction. You get to enjoy yourself for that one hour and talk about your favourite things.”

She also adds, “When they asked if I would be interested in anchoring some lives with celebrities because it’s a live interaction with no cuts. We have to be interactive for 45 minutes to an hour and it has to be engaging and a lot of fun as well. They were keen if I could host a few. It’s not a typical anchoring thing but more like a chat session where you are talking about your favourite products and discussing having some nice moments. It’s a new genre for me completely. And I have enjoyed doing that. They have celebrities like Badminton player PV Sindhu , Jasleen Royal & Tapsee Pannu. I would be coming to Mumbai soon and there we would be doing some sessions with others too.” Speaking about her experience with Sindhu, Pranitaa says, “It was an amazing meeting. She is very aspirational, inspirational and at the same time she is very relatable. She is the pride of our nation. Looking at her achievement and seeing her work, it was a different feeling altogether. She has made us proud and she will in future as well.”