Angad Hasija happy to come back with Ziddi Dil Mane Na: Was waiting for a long time to do something different

Angad Hasija returns to TV with Seema Sharma and Sudhir Sharma’s Ziddi Dil Mane Na after a two year hiatus. The actor, who plays the character of Kundan in the show, is quite keyed up about his new journey.

“I am coming back after a long time. I was doing a Punjabi show called Tera Rang Chadeya, which is coming soon on ZEE 5. I have joined Ziddi Dil… to play a character role and it really feels amazing. I was waiting for quite a long time to do something different. Whatever characters I have played till now, they all have been different, even Kundan is a new experience. As an actor, I felt it would help me grow and I would learn from it a lot,” he says.

As per the story, Kundan is a village boy and is very particular about what he believes in. “Usually, in small villages and towns the family conditioning is such where you have to follow what your parents tell you, and girls should not go out and work. Kundan’s character is not like that. Instead, he thinks that even girls have the right to enjoy their lives as we are there to work. His thinking is quite different and he respects his mother a lot. His points are very clear but there is a gap between his thinking and the modern generation,” adds the actor, who enjoys interior designing and now runs an architecture and interior business.

The show has an army backdrop and Angad found the concept different. He says, “I took up this show as it is a wonderful new-gen story and then suddenly a boy, who has a different thought process, arrives and how that affects the present set-up. Kundan also develops a good friendship with Siddharth ( Kunal Karan Kapoor ).”

Angad shares that he relates to Kundan, as much like the latter his family values are strong and he is strongly attached to his mother.

On how the industry has changed over the years and pandemic has affected it, the actor says, “The changes that has happened are good and I feel that at the time of Bidaai and Fulwa there were no fixed hours to shoot but now we have 12 hours of shoot time so we know that we know when can we go back home. Also, the concepts nowadays are quite fresh and different which gives variations to the actor and the audience. As far as the pandemic is concerned, it has been a huge blow. All thanks to God that things somehow are getting back on track, however now again with the Omicron and Delta variants on the rise, things are looking difficult. I pray that nothing unbearable happens again.”

So what’s your dream role and where do you see yourself five years down the line? “Whatever I wanted to do till now, I am doing that. Kundan is quite a different character that I got to portray. His look and body language are very different. This gave me variation and now next I want to do something new. I don’t think a lot about what is going to happen in the next few years. The moment I am living I feel like giving it 100 percent and enjoying it. Even if I face problems, I sort it out calmly. I want to enjoy every minute of my present time,” he concludes.