Anjali Phougat: Being an Introvert doesn’t mean one is not vocal about social causes, I’ve always been vocal while raising awareness around mental health

Mental health has become a talking point since the last few years. But there are many people who are not ready to express their thoughts and emotions as fear, judgment, and misunderstanding. The good thing is that celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Shah Rukh Khan, Karan Johar, Anushka Sharma and Yo Yo Honey Singh, who are social influencers, have openly spoken about facing mental health issues, feels fashion designer and humanitarian Anjali Phougat..
“When influential celebrities talk about mental health awareness people listen to them. My fashion line ‘Designer Dream Collection’ conducted several successful chat shows that hosted celebrities like Madhoo Shah, Sheeba, Shweta Kawatra etc to raise awareness about mental health. They spoke very well and were quite vocal about mental health issues. I felt great to host such shows and have such conversations that provide deep insight to my audience about how to deal with such problems. Anyone can watch these episodes on my YouTube channel ‘DesignerDreamCollection’,” she says.
Anjali believes that sharing emotions helps in releasing all kinds of toxins and negative energy from the body. So, we must share our joy and sorrow with our loved ones to maintain a healthy mental balance.
“I am an introvert, don’t have many friends, and do not talk if it’s not necessary. I only have a few very good friends and we often call each other and open our hearts. I am very focused at my work right now and use my energy in the right direction. Introvert does not mean one is not vocal about social causes. I have always been very vocal about raising awareness about social taboos and stigmas through my work and helped the community to raise funds for various things through my fashion house Designer Dream Collection,” adds Anjali.
Talking about her way of taking care of her mental health, Anjali reveals, “I do yoga, go for long walks, spend quality time with family, enjoy my work, help others in need and focus on working on cause-based issues. All these give me mental peace.”