Anupama 12 June 2021 Written Update -Baapu ji ordered Anupama to stay with him

Star Plus’s popular show Anupama is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode, Baa asked Anupama to take that property papers and admired Baapu ji’s decision. Anupama refused to take the papers. Baapu ji said Anupama deserves this and asked her not to feel guilty about anything and asked her to think about herself. Baapu ji said Anupama handled everything in this family so she deserves the part of this property and said society always want to give everything to their son but my son has done nothing special.

Baa said a woman should also need to think about her. Baapu ji said every woman should have her own place or residence, so that if someone will throw her out of the home then she can stay in her home and asked her to take that papers. Vanraj asked Baapu ji to get inside. Baapu ji said Anupama will stay in this home and will not go anywhere and said it’s his order. Anupama started crying and said she can’t live in this house after divorce. Baa asked what society will think about them? Baapu ji said he don’t want to think about society and said my daughter will stay in my house and if anybody doesn’t like my decision she/he can leave this house.

Vanraj said he will take care of Baapu ji. Baapu ji asked Vanraj to handle his new wife and said if Anupama will leave this house then he will not eat anything. Vanraj asked Baapu ji to think about his decision again. Baapu ji said he want to stay with Anupama till his last breath and requested Anupama to stay in this house. Anupama decided to stay in this house. Kavya started shouting at Anupama and asked her to leave the house. Anupama said she too don’t want to live with her, but she want to stay with Baa and Baapu ji.

Vanraj asked does he deserves this much? Baapu ji said Vanraj didn’t deserves anything but then also he had given him something. Kavya decided to stay with everyone. Baa and Baapu ji welcome Anupama before Kavya. Kavya get shocked. Baa said she will do first aarti of Anupama.

Episode end.

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