Anupama 12 November 2021 written update – Anuj confronted Anupama

At the beginning of the episode, Anupama was going to market suddenly Anuj arrived there and stopped his car in front of her. Anuj wanted to tell everything to Anupama because he can’t hide anything anymore. On the other hand, Baa made a rangoli in Shah’s residence. Baapuji said there is no meaning of this rangoli if Baa can’t respect a woman. Anupama said she was going to Anuj’s home and asked does he loves her? Anuj said yes he loves her for the last 26 years and apologized in front of her for informing Vanraj.

Anuj said he went to Shah’s residence just to clear out a misunderstanding of Shah’s family but then he get messed up and tell that he loves her. Anuj asked Anupama to forget everything. Baapuji asked Samar what happened yesterday? Samar said nothing happened and leaves from there. Toshu asked Samar not to inform anything to Baapuji. Samar gets angry and leaves from there. Anuj said he might be wrong but his love is not wrong. Anuj said he loves Anupama for the last 26 years and he continues to love her till his last breath. Anupama shows gratitude towards Anuj for loving her so much and said she listened to the whole conversation between Vanraj and him.

Anupama said she got shocked after listening to Anuj’s words and was confused that what she needs to do. Anupama asked how a person can love someone without seeing that person for around 26 years and asked how he can love her now? Anupama again said thank you to Anuj for loving her and said Anuj did worship because he didn’t want anything in return. Anupama said she knew that he loves her but she can only give friendship in return and asked him not to expect anything from her because she can’t love someone. Anuj said he lost his expectations when he saw Anupama and Vanraj’s marriage.

Anuj said he will not cross his limits at all and said he is feeling free now because she knows about his love. Anupama said this society will never understand Anuj’s love and asked him not to get affected by someone. Anupama said their relationship is more than just a friendship but far away from love and said this relationship is important for her. Anupama asked Anuj to stay with her forever and they shake hands. Anuj throws flowers in the air and gets happy. Anuj and Anupama decided to start a story through this Diwali.

Upcoming Story: Anuj and Anupama are celebrating Diwali with everyone at Anupama’s new apartment. Baa arrives there with vermilion and asks Anupama to marry Anuj.

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