Anupama 14 June 2021 Written Update -Kavya decided to take revenge on Anupama

Star Plus’s popular show Anupama is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode, Kavya get shocked while Baa and Baapu ji welcomes Anupama. Baapu ji took cardboard in which there is written “Anupama ka ghar” and stick it on the main door of the Shah residence. Everyone get shocked. Anupama started crying by immense love and care. Rakhi asked Baa to do aarti of Kavya. Baa asked Rakhi to do aarti of Kavya herself. Rakhi said Kavya got second hand husband and second hand aarti. Dolly welcome Vanraj and Kavya.

Kavya said no one respect her in this house. Baa asked Anupama to open the gates of the temple. Kavya said she will open the gate of the temple. Anupama asked Kavya to wash her hands before opening the gates. Anupama said she is going to make tea and coffee for everyone. Rakhi said Baa is fortunate because she can see the rivalry between Kavya and Anupama. Kavya told Anupama that this home is her and asked her to live properly and asked her to make coffee for her also. Anupama said she also owns this house and leaves from there.

Vanraj come to Kavya and started shouting at her for asking coffee from Anupama. Kavya said Anupama is going to prepare tea and coffee for everyone so she can prepare for her also. Vanraj said she is no more a guest now and she should take care of his family and leaves from there. Kavya decided to take revenge from Anupama. Anupama entered in her kitchen. Kavya arrived in kitchen and decided to prepare coffee by her own. Vanraj started thinking about the rivalry between Kavya and Anupama.


Anupama informed Kavya that she had not prepared tea for Vanraj and asked her to prepare by herself. Rakhi try to inflame Kavya and said everyone will torture her. Anupama saw Rakhi and Kavya together and but didn’t bothered about anything. Kavya said she knows how to win heart of Vanraj and said if Anupama will live in this house she will prepare food for everyone. Rakhi said Vanraj likes the food prepared by Anupama. Kavya said she will change Vanraj’s habit and said first she will first win the heart of Vanraj and then she will throw out everyone from this house. Dolly going to her home back and said by to Kavya. Kavya asked Dolly to call her bhabhi. Dolly said Anupama remains her bhabhi because she thinks about her family.

Episode end.

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