Anupama 14 May 2022 written update: Anupama gets emotional

At the beginning of the episode, Shah was insisting Anupama to put haldi on Anuj first. Everyone was telling her to do it and not to think much. Anupama was feeling shy. Samar said wait a minute without music it won’t be fun. Then Anupama and Anuj perform a dance. Anupama applies haldi to Anuj. Kavya says this like love. Anuj says he will also do the same. He says everything should be equally on both sides. Then following Anupama all the others apply haldi to Anuj.

Anuj say now it’s Anupama turn. Malavika says he just wants an excuse to come close to Anupama. Leela says don’t she feel shame to talk about all this in front of her. Malavika says she looks so young. Leela says sometimes she speaks the truth. Everyone laughs. Anuj say Anupama is like Annapurna for him. Kids appreciate Anupama’s hard work for them. Anupama get’s emotional. All of them join hands in front of Anupama.

Anuj applies haldi to Anupama. Anuj used all the spices and say how these will make his relationship more strong. Anuj says we never thought what if Anupama won’t be a housewife. He said we should celebrate her day and normalize them taking a break from the kitchen. Anuj says everywhere three is a one-day leave so why can’t they get a leave from the kitchen. He promised Anupama that he will be helping her equally in the kitchen.

Upcoming story- Anupama feels lucky to have a partner like Anuj. Everyone came to bless Anupama and Anuj. Kanta taunts Leela and Vanraj by saying that everyone came to bless but some people don’t respect those 28 years also.

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