Anupama 25 January 2022 written update: Malvika supported Vanraj

At the beginning of the episode, Kavya cut Vanraj’s thread through scissors. Kavya shouted at Vanraj for insulting Nandini in front of everyone. Anupama asked Kavya not to fight on festival days. Baa and Baapuji also asked Kavya to stay calm. Kavya said when she was going out of the Shah residence, no one stopped her. Vanraj get frustrated and kick the table, he leaves from there. Kavya continue to follow Vanraj but he didn’t stop. Baapuji apologized in front of Gopi Kaka for the Vanraj and Kavya’s fight. Gopi Kaka said we are one family and we should not hide anything from each other.

Baa said every time Shah family includes Anupama in their fight. Anupama asked Baa not to think about anything. Anuj said we are one family and we can share our pain with each other. Anupama asked everyone to go to home. Kavya arrived at her room and started throwing her bangles. Kavya said everyone only thinks about Anupama but no one thinks about her. Kavya said Vanraj insulted Nandini and now she will take revenge for that. Samar told Nandini that he don’t want to fight with her but Kavya destroyed the festival. Samar said if Kavya has problem with Vanraj then she should have talk to him in their personal space but she included everyone.

Anupama said her children was flying kites but Kavya and Vanraj spoiled the festival. Anuj said no one destroy anything and asked Anupama to fly kite. Anupama draw her family members on a kite and then she fly that. Anuj said now kite is flying high, one day all the members will fly high. Anupama said a kite has one thread so she can control that easily but it is difficult for her to handle Malvika, Vanraj and Kavya together. Vanraj recognized Kavya’s words and get angry. Anupama and Anuj went to their home. Anuj said Anupama can only try to solve the problems of Vanraj and Kavya but she can’t finish their problems. Anupama said Vanraj never stay calm.

Malvika arrived there and supported Vanraj. Malvika said Vanraj is not happy with Kavya then he should not live with her. Anupama said Vanraj should talk to Kavya and discuss everything. Malvika said Kavya creates drama and that’s why no one can discuss anything with her. Nandini come to Kavya and asked her not to try to save relationship with Vanraj. Kavya said she loves Vanraj and can’t leave him. Kavya said Vanraj can’t leave her for Malvika. Nandini asked Kavya to go US again, so as to take a break.

Upcoming Story: Kavya asks Anupama to help her. Vanraj says Anupama did wrong.

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