Anupama 27 November 2021 written update – Kavya shouted at Baa

At the beginning of the episode, Vanraj asked Baa not to create problems in the home and also not to disturb him because he want to focus on his career. Baa also informed Baapuji. Kavya arrived in Vanraj’s room, while he was doing some work. Kavya wants to talk to Vanraj but he ignores her. Kavya said she still want to support Shah’s family and asked him to help her. Vanraj get a call and went out of the house. On the other hand, Anuj and Anupama went to a café to drink milkshakes. Anuj said Baa again started loving Anupama so we should celebrate this moment. Anuj said we should celebrate small moments in life because we can’t wait for the perfect time in everything.

Anuj asked Anupama to order food for them. Anupama said she never ordered something in the hotel. Anuj asked her to do something new and also asked her not to look after the price of food. Anuj said his mother also used to see the price of food and said we will keep a policy in our restaurant that women will order the food, and also give the free dish to women. Anupama appreciated Anuj’s decision. Anuj appreciated Anupama’s handmade chocolate. Anupama ordered shakes for both of them. Anupama got a call from Pakhi. Pakhi asked Anupama to arrive at the school for a parent-teacher meeting because Vanraj didn’t receive her call.

Suddenly the waiter arrived there with shakes, Anuj asked the waiter to get shakes back. Anuj and Anupama went to Pakhi’s school. Anupama felt bad because due to her, Anuj wasn’t able to drink milkshakes. Later Anuj and Anupama meet Devika at her home. Devika gave saree to Anupama. Anuj leaves from there. Anupama was looking nervous in front of Devika. Devika asked what happened? Anupama said Anuj used to suffer a lot due to her only because he helps her in every situation but she only takes benefit of his goodness. Devika said Anuj is Anupama’s good friend and that’s why he helps her in every situation.

Anupama said she also want to do something for Anuj. Devika said Anupama is overreacting now because Anuj likes to help her because he loves her. On the other hand, Kinjal arrived at home and shouted at Toshu for not looking for new jobs. Toshu said he will find the job if Kinjal will move into Pant house with him. Kinjal said she didn’t want to live with Toshu. Devika asked does Anupama loves Anuj? Anupama said she can’t love anyone. On the other hand, Baa invites Anupama to go temple with her. Kavya shouted at Baa for inviting Anupama to Shah’s residence.

Upcoming Story: Anupama gathers everyone and asks them to celebrate Baa and Baapuji’s 50th wedding anniversary. Kavya gets angry and asks Vanraj to take her permission before doing anything.

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