Anupama 30 November 2021 written update – Baa and Baapuji’s marriage arrangements

At the beginning of the episode, Kavya arrives in Vanraj’s room and shouted at him for not including her in the celebration of the marriage anniversary. Vanraj gets angry and asked Kavya to stay away from his family. On the other hand, Anupama completed her work on the laptop and message that to Anuj. Anupama decided to clean the clothes of Baa and Baapuji. Suddenly Anuj arrived at the Anupama’s house and asked what happened? Anupama said she never asked for help. Anupama said she has written that work is completed, but due to auto-correct “bachao” gets typed.

Anupama said this phone is not smartphone but this is dumb. Anuj saw Baa’s saree and asked who is going to marry? Anupama said Baa and Baapuji going to marry each other again on their 50th wedding anniversary. Vanraj was sleeping in his room and recognized Kavya’s words against his family. Samar saw Vanraj and pray God to take care of him. Anuj asked about the wedding anniversary celebration. Anupama said the whole family is trying to do arrangements of the marriage. Anuj said he can help her in stitching because he is an expert in it. Anupama asked Anuj to go home and take rest. Anuj said he want to help Anupama and also want to attend Baapuji’s marriage.

Anupama said she can’t invite Anuj in the wedding anniversary celebration because Kavya is there at Shah residence. Anuj asked Anupama not to think too much and then they both started stitching together. Later everyone was doing decorations in the Shah residence. Baa and Baapuji get happy after watching the decorations. Baapuji asked everyone not to get worried for their anniversary. Vanraj asked Baapuji to enjoy the anniversary. Suddenly Anupama arrived at the Shah residence. Anupama apologized for coming late at Shah residence. Anupama seeks for permission to stay at Shah residence till night. Vanraj gave permission to Anupama and said Kavya will say nothing to her.

Kavya heard Vanraj’s words and gets angry. Children asked Baa and Baapuji to do a pre-wedding photoshoot. Baa said she will not go to the studio. Anupama said children will do photoshoots at the home only. On the other hand, Gopi Kaka get a call from someone and then he get worried about something. Anupama was crushing the heena for Baa’s heena ceremony. Kinjal said one day she will also do arrangements for Anupama’s marriage. Kavya arrived there and shouted at Anupama. Anupama said she took permission from Vanraj. Kavya continue to fight with Anupama and blamed her for everything. Vanraj arrived there, Kavya leaves from there.

Upcoming Story: Baa and Baapuji do the pre-wedding shoot. Anuj and Gopi Kaka arrive at Shah’s residence, everyone gets shocked.

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