Anupama 9 June 2021 Written Update -Vanraj shouted at Kavya

Star Plus’s popular show Anupama is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode, Anupama arrived at the resort on the wheel chair. Suddenly Anupama got dis-balanced but Vanraj supports her. Rakhi try to inflame Kavya and said Vanraj still supports Anupama. Kavya come to meet Anupama and asked her how is she? Anupama said she is fine. Kavya asked Anupama to get better soon, because she will see off them. Vanraj asked where she is going? Kavya said they both are going to honeymoon abroad. Everyone get shocked.

Baa started shouting at Kavya for exposing about honeymoon in front of children. Kavya asked where he want to go for honeymoon? Baa said how Kavya can be so cheap? Kavya said if Vanraj can be too cheap, then why she can’t? Anupama asked Vanraj to stop his wife. Vanraj asked Kavya not to say anything. Kavya started shouting at Anupama.

Vanraj said Kavya will not say a single word to Anu. Kavya asked Vanraj to call her Anupama. Vanraj said he will call Anu and asked her to go inside. Everyone get inside the room and welcomes Anupama. Baapu ji said now Anupama’s problems are over and asked her to cut the cake. Suddenly Dr. Advait arrived and said everyone forget him. Anupama said Dr. Advait is responsible for her good health. Anupama offered cake to Dr. Advait and said his words are vitamin H. Dr. Advait asked what is this vitamin H? Anupama said H for himmat (courage).


Dr. Advait said he has learn many things from Anupama and asked her to take care of herself and leaves from there. Vanraj fights with Kavya. Kinjal take mixer from Kavya’s kitchen. Kavya started fighting with her Kinjal. Rakhi saw them fighting and stop them. Kavya complains about Kinjal to Rakhi. Rakhi asked Kavya not to do anything with Kinjal and said if Kavya will try to do anything with her then she will not leave her.

Vanraj is sitting in the garden and worried about job. Toshu arrived and asked what happened? Vanraj said he want job because he need handle everything. Toshu asked Vanraj not to worry about anything. Vanraj asked Toshu to help him to get a job. Toshu offered job in Rakhi’s company. Vanraj denied for that offer. Kavya is preparing special food for Vanraj. Rakhi come to Anupama and said she is worried about Kinjal’s future. Anupama said Kinjal is mature and will handle all the problems maturely. Rakhi said she didn’t want Kinjal to stuck in household works like Anupama. Anupama said Kinjal is literate and she will never stuck is household chores. Rakhi leaves from there.

Episode end.

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