Anupamma 19 April 2021 Written Update – The divorce is getting unbearable for Anupama and Vanraj

At the beginning of the episode, Anupama asks Hansmuk to be happy. We just have two days so we should be happy. Hansmuk says did you tell Samar about divorce. She nods in no saying that he was so happy so I thought this sad thing to him for a while. Anupama says should we take a leave from the kitchen. Hansmuk says okay. He takes a piece of chocolate and runs away. Anupama follows him asking him to put the chocolate back. He can’t eat this much sweets. Samar enters in the room of Pakhi and shows her his trophy. He notices the sad face of Pakhi and asks her what happened to you. She tells him about the divorce thing.

Samar stands shoved. He wonders why Anupama has not told him. Paritosh makes a video call to Pakhi. He asks Pakhi and Samar what they want as a gift. Pakhi wants to stop divorce only. But Samar asks him to let their parents do what they wish for. Paritosh agrees to it. Samar decides that they will not force their parents for anything. Later when he meets Nandni. He shares his grief to her saying His parents are going to get a divorce. And this thing is pinching him a lot. Nandni adds that she too felt the same when her parents got divorced. But that a life and we have to accept are faith. Samar tells her but Anupama didn’t even tell him about it. And thus he is so unhappy. Nandini tells him that she did it to protect you.

So that you wouldn’t feel sad. Samar understands her point. He goes to meet Anupama and asks her that if she really takes him as a friend. She nods in yes. He asks then why didn’t you tell me about divorce. Anupama says to him it means you came to know about it. He answers in yes. And adds but it hurts less if you told me. Anupama hugs him. He asks her to have some dance but Anupama says no to this. Samar insists her saying you will feel good. Anupama accepts that she is sad and she wants to spend some alone time. Pakhi on the other hand asks the universe to give lots and lots of happiness to her parents. Later she and Anupama give a surprise to Samar. They cut the cake. Anupama notices an injury on Samar’s leg. She asks Samar how did he get it. Nandni tells her everything. Anupama tells her story to them and shares some good times with her family. Later Anupama and Vanraj are thinking about divorce and this thing flies away from their sleep.

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