Anupamma 5 May 2021 Written Update – Lila agrees for the engagement

At the beginning of the episode, Samar asks Vanraj if his mother will be alright, then Vanraj says that he doesn’t need to worry. Because Anupama will soon be cured according to him, Samar feels fine after listening to him. While Vanraj, Anupama, and Kavya three are all unable to sleep. Because the three are embroiled in their problems.

They then laugh with Dr Advaita in the morning. Anupama asks him why they are laughing so much. Dr. says because laughing is the most important thing. Anupama is happy to see Leela laughing and says that she looks great while laughing. Then Anupama serves them kadha. Vanraj tells Leela about Samar and Nandni’s engagement

Samar then says that he does not want to get engaged because his mother is more important to him and he only wants to focus on his mother at this time. Vanraj says that he too is doing all this for Anupama because it is only Anupama who wishes that he gets engaged in the resort. Leela is not happy with this engagement at first but then she says yes to engagement for Anupama’s happiness.

After this, Samar and Nandani take Anupama’s blessings. Anupama blesses them to be happy always. She says that maybe she has less time but she wants to spend as much time with them as she can. Pakhi calls Nandni the younger sister-in-law and hugs her. Nandni leaves from there. Samar goes after her. Nandni says that she wants to tell the family the truth about the diary. But he says that he cannot bother his mother.

There Anupama asks Vanraj to talk to Kavya about the engagement. Vanraj answers yes. She also adds that they should organize the engagement very well. He says yes. After this, Leela and Anupama discuss the report of Anupama with Dr Advaita and he tells them that Anupama’s report will come soon. Kavya gives her wedding dress to Nandni. Because now this dress is no use of her. Nandni understands her pain and consoles her.

After this Kavya goes out of the room and asks God to keep Nandni and Samar always happy. While Kavya further learns that Vanraj does not want to get divorced, she is shocked. She does not understand what she should do.

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