Apna Time Bhi Aayega 2 April 2021 Written Update – Rajeshwari arrested!

At the beginning of the episode, Rani tells Veer that day Vikram was drunk and he was driving the car. Traffic Police stopped him and then he called someone. Veer told her that this is not the truth as he called me and I went to him. Rani told him that it was not like that Vikram called someone who drove the car and killed those men’s. Veer told her that it is nothing like that as no one went there. Rani showed him that one earring and said Rajeshwari went to Vikram and she was the one who killed those 4 men. Veer started crying and telling that I accept she was driving the car but I can’t see her going to Jail as she has done a lot of thing for us. Veer was convincing Rani and suddenly they saw Rajeshwari was standing at the door and listening to their conversation.

Veer went to Rajeshwari and she told him that by mistake that accident took place as I was trying to apply the brakes. Then Ramadheer took this responsibility and took all the blames on himself. Jay was recoding when Rajeshwari confesses her crime. Jay and Champa collapsed with each other and Jay feel lucky as nothing happened to his phone. Champa asked him that what is on your phone? Jay told her that now I would take revenge for everything.

Rajeshwari was sitting in her room and taking medicine for anxiety. Digvijay came to her and told him not to worry about Veer. Digvijay told her that you are the head of this family and I’d you would lose hope then what will happen to us. Digvijay told her to take a rest. After Digvijay left Rajeshwari thought I can’t sleep as I can not reveal the truth to you.

Rani was talking to her father about the case. Suddenly Veer came and she keeps the phone. Rani was praying to God to help me in this situation. Vikram came to Rani and told her that we won’t go Veer anywhere as we have done all the arrangements. All the family members were quiet and sad. Vikram told them not to be sad as nothing would happen to Veer. Suddenly the Police came there and everyone gets shocked to see the police. Police informed them that we have court orders to arrest the criminal. Police informed them that we got at proof. Veer moved towards them for getting arrested. Police told we here to arrest Rajeshwari. Everyone gets shocked to hear this.

Veer looked at Rani with aggression. Champa thought that Jay might have done this. Veer objecting and telling them that Rajeshwari would not go anywhere. Digvijay and Vikram trying their sources to stop this arrest. Police showed them that video which Jay recorded. Vikram requested the police to wait for a while as I would clear everything. Rajeshwari told them let me go and she went with the police. Veer was trying to stop her but she didn’t listen to anyone. Nandini called Jay and inform him about Rajeshwari’s arresting. Jay told her that Rani is behind everything.

Veer went to the police station to look for Rajeshwari. Digvijay told Rajeshwari that you hid this with me. Digvijay told her I would take you out from here Rajeshwari told them that this is the truth. Veer told her that I would find out that you recorded the video surely.

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