Apna Time Bhi Aayega 3 May 2021 Written Update – Jay plots a trap for Veer and Rani

At the beginning of the episode, Veer went to Kiara’s room. Rani thought that Kiara came back but she saw Veer was there. Rani asked him what happened? Veer told her that I was just asking whether you are keeping care of yourself or not. Rani told him that I am alright as you use to ask me frequently so I take my medicines in Timely. Veer was about to leave Rani noticed something on his hands and asked him. Veer told her that it’s a necklace of shells. Rani told him that if you have made this for me then make me wear it too.

Kiara was about to leave for her spa session. Jay gave the signal to Kiara and she intentionally threw water on her and started acting innocent in front of her. Kiara went to change her dress. Jay thought now Kiara would catch both of them together.

Veer tied that necklace on Rani’s neck and asked her how you felt? There Kiara was moving towards her room. Rani told Veer that it seems like dream come true. Kaira went to her room and started knocking on the door. Rani and Veer get scared and thinking what to do? There Jay came and told Kaira that sometimes this gate gets locked by itself so I will open it for you. Jay was thinking now Kiara will see both of them and their marriage would get exposed. Jay opens the door but at the same time, Vikram came and distracted Kiara for a while. There Veer jumped from the balcony and escaped from there.

Kiara gave few works to Rani and told her that I would be coming back soon. Rani was thinking that now Kiara would go out so I would get time with him. Rani thought of making green tea for him.

Rani went to Veer’s room with tea for her. Veer heard Rani coming inside and hides her legs. Rani saw the medical kit over there and asked him is everything fine or not? Veer lied to her that I was just checking their expiry dates.

Vikram was along with Kiara and indirectly hinted to her that you have takes selfies with everyone except me. Then Kiara laughed and took few pictures will him. Suddenly Kaira got dizzy strokes and Vikram thought of going back to the resort. Vikram called Veer. Rani was acted of falling and Veer stood up to balance her. Then Rani saw his leg swelling and told him that I know you were hiding something so o did this fake stumbling act. Rani told him that I bring homemade medicine for you.

Jay calls Birju and told him that we got Rani back but she is busy the whole day as she uses to work over here. Birju gets tensed about Rani after listening to him. Rani was applying the handmade paste on his feet and telling him the ingredients mixed in it with my love. Then they share eye contact.

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