Apna Time Bhi Aayega 4 May 2021 Written Update – Rani did a blunder!

At the beginning of the episode, Veer asked Rani that what’s special in your paste that it can cure my feet’s swelling faster then the other medicine. Rani told him that it’ss my grandma’s special paste as it contains very much things along with my love. Then they share an eye lock for a while. Veer told Rani that I missed you a lot when you were kidnapped. Rani felt happy after listening to this.

Veer told Rani that Birju was very much worried about you so I think you need to talk to him once. Rani told him that I would talk to him after completing my work. Veer told her that you will not do any work. Suddenly Rani got Birju’s call and he started complaining that why you didn’t called me for so long. Rani told him that why you are scolding me. Birju told her that I am expressing my happiness and I also went to temple for you. Suddenly Kiara and Vikram came inside the room and Kiara started giving orders to Rani. Rani didn’t cut the call so Birju was listening everything. Kiara started scolding Rani for not cleaning her room.

Veer came over there and told Kiara that Rani would not make juice for you. Kiara asked him why? Vikram told her that Jay is chef so he would make juice for you. Kiara told them that Jay went our for vegetables so she cam make that for me Birju was listening to everything and recalled what Jay told him over the call. Rani told them that I would do all the work soon.

Rani was ironing the clothes, Veer came to her and told her that soon I would reveal the truth to Kiara. Veer helped Rani in ironing the clothes. Veer went to attend a call and by mistake, Rani burnt Kiara’s cloth. Rani started worrying that what would Kiara do with me. Veer told her not to worry as I would bring new cloth for her. Jay secretly heard there conversation.

Birju was recalling what all Kiara was telling to Rani. Birju thought of knowing the truth. Jay gave that Burnt cloth to Champa for keeping that in Kiara’s room. Rani was keeping Kairav’s clothes and she praised her work.

There Vikram was asking that whom you are missing that you are not able to sleep. Veer told him that o drank too much of coffee so I am awake. Vikram started teasing with Rani’s name. Then Veer told him not to disturb me and sleep down. Rani was thinking that I have to confess my feelings to Veer.

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