Balika Vadhu 2 11 November 2021 written update – Anandi misses her family

At the beginning of the episode, Jigar tells Madiba that some girls were laughing at him while he was buying Rangoli. Madiba says that the girls are mad so he should not pay heed to their words. She then says before leaving from there Anandi and Kanku should do the kitchen work now. Madiba further sees that Anand’s parents have sent gifts for them. And it is said that they should wear the same clothes tomorrow. Madiba is ready for this.

While Kanku asks Anandi to bring her phone to her. She says that Madiba must have kept her phone in her room so she should bring the phone from her room. Anandi goes to Madiba’s room at night. She is about to pick up the phone but Madiba wakes up and she holds Anandi’s hand and asks what she is doing here at night. Anandi gets worried.

Anand comes there and says that he had told Anandi that if she touches Madiba then she will win. Madiba scolds them because this is not the time to play the game. They both leave the room. Anand asks what was she doing in Madiba’s room. She tells him the whole thing. Anand says that he will help her get Kanku’s phone.

Anandi becomes happy. The next day, Devali and Sejal come out of their respective rooms wearing the clothes given by Anand’s mother. Both of them do not like these clothes. They tell Madiba that they should change clothes but Madiba refuses. Later, On seeing Anandi in her new dress, everyone says that she is looking very beautiful. Anand looks at them and gets happy. He praises them. Anand says that their photo should be taken now.

Anand then takes everyone’s photos. Then he takes selfies with everyone. Anandi is happy to see everyone happy. But she misses her parents. Anand comes to her and tells her that she should not be sad on this day. Anandi smiles. Then Madiba calls the halwai and says that today they will make food and the ladies of the house will enjoy Diwali. Madiba further asks where is Kanku. Anandi and Anand look at each other. Devali too wonders where is she?

Anandi says that Kanku is so sad as she hasn’t finished her project. Madiba goes from there. Sejal asks Anandi and Jigar to light the lamp. But he gets a call from someone and leaves from there. Anand comes to her and gives her sweets to eat. Anandi recalls that her mother used to make sweets for her.