Balika Vadhu 2 10 November 2021 written update – Kanku meets Anandi

At the beginning of the episode, Anandi asks Kanku what she wants to do in her life. Kanku gets scared. She asks her why is she asking her such questions. Anandi says that Anand told her that they should do something in their life so she is asking her what she wants to become in her life. Kanku has no answer for this. She asks Anandi why she has come here. Anandi tells that Madiba wants her to help her with kitchen work.

Kanku says okay. Further, Kanku’s friend wants her to come to meet her. Kanku says that she cannot come to meet him. But he does not listen to her and wants her to come to meet him. Here Madiba asks Anandi where Kanku is. Anandi tells that she is doing some school work so she will come later. Madiba gets angry. She goes towards Kanku’s room. While Kanku agrees to meet her friend.

Madiba comes to her room. She sees that Kanku is talking to someone on her phone and is laughing. She gets angry and screams. Kanku looks at Madiba and gets nervous. Madiba asks her who she was talking to. And why was she laughing so much? Kanku is unable to answer this. Madiba orders her to go to the kitchen and work. Kanku goes to the kitchen with her.

Madiba tells Anandi that she and Kanku should concentrate on work now. She is also taking Kanku’s phone with her. Kanku asks her if she will not give her the phone. She says no. Kanku gets sad hearing this. Madiba leaves from there. Kanku asks Anandi if she will get her phone. She says that she has to finish her schoolwork so she wants her to get her phone.

Anandi says that studying is a good thing and since she wants her phone to study, she will definitely help her. So she doesn’t need to worry anymore as soon she will bring her phone. Kanku says okay. She asks Anandi if she will go to the market with her. Because they have to go get some stuff. Anandi says that they should finish the kitchen work first and then they will leave.

Next, Kanku goes to the market with Anandi. She is looking for Madhav. She wonders where Madhav is. Then Madhav calls her. But he hides seeing Anandi. Anandi tells Kanku that someone has taken her name. Kanku says that she is just imagining things. After this, she says that she has some other work so she is going to another shop. Later she meets Madhav and asks him not to call her as Madiba has her phone. Madhav says okay and further insists that she should meet him on Diwali. Kanku says all this is not so easy. Madhav says that he will be going to meet her tomorrow at any cost.