Balika Vadhu 2 12 November 2021 written update – Madhav visits Kanku

At the beginning of the episode, Anand says to Anandi that he should help her as there are so many lamps so she will get tired if she will do so much work. Anandi says fine. Then Anandi asks what he likes about Diwali. He says that he likes stories about Diwali. Anandi says that she too loves to hear the story of Diwali.

She adds that her mother used to make jalebi for her and she is missing her. Then only Sejal comes with jalebi. Anandi hugs her. Anand asks her if he can eat jalebi. Sejal says no as Anandi doesn’t like to share her food with anyone. Anand gets sad. Anandi gives him jalebi. He takes a selfie with her. Jigar comes there and gets angry seeing them together.

He asks why they are taking selfies out of the blue. He tells him that Anandi never shares her jalebi with anyone but she gave him jalebi thus he is taking photos as this is an iconic moment. Then only Kalpesh calls Jigar. Anandi gets happy seeing Kalpesh on a video call. She asks him if everything is fine there. He says her and adds that but Ratan and Khemji are missing her.

Anandi gets upset and hangs up the call. On the other hand, Madiba gives Kanku her phone. She gets so happy. Then she calls Madhav. He asks her to meet him. Anandi comes there and Kanku says to him that she will talk to him later. Then a servant comes and asks what she wants to eat. While Madhav thinks that he should disguise himself to meet Kanku.

Later the Diwali puja gets started. Premji asks Anandi and Jigar to do the Puja together. Anand says that couples used to do this Puja then why is Anandi and Jigar performing this. Premji says that children too can do this puja. Anand asks if he can join Anandi and Anand. Dewali says yes. All get shocked. Sejal asks Kanku to join them too. Afterward, Kanku is trying to call Madhav. However, he is in her home only as a waiter. He comes to her to serve her food. She gets shocked seeing him. On the other hand, Jigar and Premji are playing with firecrackers. Anandi misses her family.