Balika Vadhu 2 8 November 2021 written update – Anand to put in a couple of days at Premji’s home

The scene begins with Anandi and Anand having a discussion. He inquires as to whether she remains around and afterward she tells about Premji. He gets amazed and says he has stayed with Premji’s home too with his folks. She is going to shout about being little girl in law of their home however at that point stops herself. She lets him know they should go now as Sejal should be pausing. At home, everybody is amazed by open showcase of fondness by Mehul and his significant other.

At the point when Mehul’s significant other prevents him from eating Maadi Baa inquires as to whether she can stop jer spouse like that. She tells its important for his wellbeing. Anandi and Anand come there. Anand’s mom gets stressed seeing him brimming with residue and Sejal stressed over Anandi as well. She inquires as to whether they are fine. Anand says they are totally fine and this occurred while saving a little pup. He then, at that point, acquaints Anandi with his folks. Premji lies that she has come to Devgarh for contemplates. Mehul tells Anand its not just him who preferences considers. He says might be this is the reason their names are so comparative. Mehul asks her for what good reason she looks resentful. Maadi Baa tells she is away from her folks that is the reason. Sejal calls Kanku and Jigar to acquaint them with Anand.

Jigar welcomes Anand in English. Then, at that point, he requests that he go along and he will show his room. In room Jigar flaunts his cell phone and takes about person to person communication accounts. He inquires as to whether he utilizes it as well. Anand requests Kanku and Jigar’s records and says he has sent them demand. He asks Anandi as well. She says she never required a cell phone. He gets astounded and asks her how can she impart. She says in same way as the little pup did with them. Anand finds intrigued by her solution. Anand requests that Anandi take him to nearby market where he can see dirt and stoneware stuffs. Anandi concurs.

During supper everybody acclaims Anandi for cooking well indeed. Both Jigar and Anand asks Anandi for nibble however she has just one piece in plate and gets befuddled whom to give. Anand sees her in issue and takes another bite. Because of meeting Mehul needs to leave for Delhi and chooses to allow Anand to remain at Premji’s home for not many days.

Later Kanku requests that Jigar assist her with working on getting ball. He denies however Anand comes there and offers to help. Jigar feels unreliable and thinks he is being over keen. He feels that Anand enjoys silly stuffs like stoneware and will not play well however gets stunned to see that he shows Kanku impeccably. Anandi was passing by and Anand tosses ball at her. She gets it however denies to play more. Anand tells Kanku she could have gained from Anandi. While Jigar thinks it was him whom trained Anandi to play. Jigar proceeds to examine Sejal regarding how long Anand will remain with them. Sejal and Maadi Baa clarifies him and advises him to do companionship with Anand. The scene closes with Premji asking that they can hear Anandi giggling and being lively similar to before once more.