Balika Vadhu 2 written update 7 November 2021 weekly

Anandi further observes that Jigar and Kanku are getting ready to go to school. She gets sad. She remembers that her mother also used to prepare tiffin for her. Sejal sees how Anandi is standing sad. Here Premji still could not get any investors. Madiba comes to Premji and asks him to bring Mangsutra for Anandi. Sejal says that she should not give Mangsutra to Anandi as it will let everyone know that she is the daughter-in-law of their house. Devali says that they should tell the truth to everyone. But Premji and Madiba deny this as it may land them in jail. Later Sejal thinks that she has to do something for Anandi’s studies.

Sejal wakes up Anandi. She asks her to get ready soon. Because she has some work to do with her. Anandi asks is there any kitchen work. She refuses and says that she has more important work than that. Here Devali asks if tea is not made yet. Madiba says yes. Jigar tells them that Sejal has not even prepared the tiffin yet. Kanku gets shocked as Sejal never delays to deliver the tiffin.

Just then, Madiba is shocked to see Anandi in her school dress. Madiba angrily says that Anandi is the daughter-in-law of this house and she will go to school. Sejal tells that she has decided that Anandi will go to school. Devali angrily asks whether she will take this decision from now on. Is there no respect for Madiba’s decisions? Madiba also gets sad. Sejal explains to her that she values ​​her even today but when she says that Anandi is auspicious for this house, then she has to take care of Anandi’s happiness as well. She decides that Anandi will also go to school like Jigar and Kanku. She adds that she will not let Anandi’s childhood get spoiled. Devali says that Kanku is the daughter of this house so she can go to school. But Anandi is the daughter-in-law of this house so how can she go to school.

Madiba says that even though Anandi is the daughter-in-law of this house, she is also Bhagyalakshmi of this house, so they have to take care of her. So Anandi will go to school. Later Ratan calls Sejal and Sejal tells her that Anandi is in school so she can’t talk to him. Ratan gets happy. She later asks Khemji to take her to Anandi. Then they arrive at Anandi’s school and watches her in the school dress. Ratan thinks to bring back Anandi but Khemji asks her to give her some time too.

While Anandi feels that her mother is around her. She tries to find her mother. Kanku asks her to go to class. Next, Anandi is about to go to Kanku at lunchtime. She says that Kanku must be waiting for her as she told her that she will have lunch with her. Here Madhav scolds Kanku because she has not submitted her project yet.

Kanku apologizes to him. Madhav starts laughing. Kanku says that he does not know how to act at all. Here Anandi sees that Kanku is not in the canteen. She goes to find her in her class. She is not there too. Meanwhile, Madhav asks Kanku why she didn’t call him yesterday. Kanku tells him that yesterday Madiba was with her so she could not talk to him. Madhav says that she should tell her family members about him. Anandi saw them together and thinks that he is troubling Kanku. She starts scolding while Kanku calms her down. Sejal, on the other hand, is waiting for the kids to come from school. So that she can ask Jigar to bring yoghurt from the market. But Jigar is tired.

So He refuses to go to the market. Anandi tells Sejal that she will go to the market. Sejal feels uncomfortable. Anandi promises that she will not run away from home. Next, she goes to the market. Here Mehul and his family come to Premji’s house. Sejal asks them where is Anand. Mehul tells that he is roaming in the market. Here Mehul is in the market and sees that a dog is scared because of the firecrackers. Here Anandi also notices the same thing.

They both go to that dog. Just then a car arrives. The car is coming towards Anandi. Anand sees this and saves Anandi. Anand asks Anandi if she is fine. She looks at her curd packet and says that it is good that the curd packet is not torn. Anand laughs. Anand asks Anandi what is her name. Anandi tells him her name. They both shake their hands.