Barrister Babu 14 June 2021 Spoiler -Shocking news for Anirudh

In the upcoming episode, Thakuma will tell Anirudh that she wants to get Bondita married. While Bondita will play games with Tapur and in which she will tell her how badly she wants to become a barrister babu. However, Thakuma will plan to get Bondita married as soon as possible.

Will Bondita find out the real intentions of Thakuma?

Up till now, Trilochan is ready to say sorry to Thakuma. Anirudh informs Thakuma that Trilochan wants to apologize to her. While she wants to get revenge. He apologizes to her. Anirudh feels that Bondita will be delighted now. While Thakuma wants Trilochan to fall at her feet and apologize. Trilochan is ready to do this too. Anirudh refuses. But Trilochan wants to put an end to this bitterness. There Bondita says that she will study when Trilochan and Thakuma’s relationship gets better. While Trilochan also gives the property paper to Thakuma and is ready to fall on her feet. But now Thakuma wants him to apologize to her in front of everyone and darken his face. Anirudh is shocked.


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