Barrister Babu 8 May 2021 Written Update – Bondita’s smart move

At the beginning of the episode Bondita is screaming for help. Then she hears the sound of the bell and thinks that the place where she is, is near the temple or the bell house. She remembers Anirudh talking about how Bondita could protect herself. She then looks around and gets an old telephone. But it is wireless. So she thinks that by doing anything she has to turn on this telephone.

While further Anirudh collides with a man. This is the same man who kidnapped Bondita. Anirudh also finds a statue of mother Durga in his hand. The man is about to run away from there, but Anirudh catches him. He questions him where is Bondita. He does not say anything, then he starts beating him. And repeatedly asks the same question, where is Bondita. While Bondita has connected the telephone wires.

The man tells Anirudh that Debolina told him to take Bondita away. Anirudh gets shocked. While the telephone starts. She calls Trilochan. Unfortunately Sampurna picks up the phone. Bondita says that Debolina has kidnapped her. She asks for help but Sampurna hangs up the phone. And thinks that she will have to do something so that Trilochan may not know about Bondita.

Then Debolina comes into the room and Bondita pretends to be unconscious. Debolina thinks when the goon will come and ahe will get the money. She goes out and then Bondita calls again. And this time Trilochan picks up the phone and learns that Debolina has kidnapped Bondita. And he scolds Sampurana.

Debolina learns that Bondita was pretending and scolds her. Bondita says that her aunt is very bad. Earlier she used to think that Debolina is a greedy woman but she is so bad that she can even kill someone. Debolina says that she is getting the result of her mistake. It is not her fault.

After this Trilochan tells Anirudh where Bondita is. There Bondita is trying to fool her aunt, but Debolina does not get into her talks. There Anirudh is trying his best to find Bondita. Thakuma is also behind Anirudh. While Debolina come in Bondita’s talk and thinks about when that man will come. If he does not come on time then everything will be spoiled.

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