Barrister Babu 9 April 2021 Written Update – Bondita cooks for Anirudh

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita takes away the cap of Manorama saying this belongs to me. She says Patibabu wants me to be a barrister so only I can complete his dream. Anirudh asks but. Before he can speak further she stops him saying no but. She says I will complete your dream and for that I will work hard. She asks Manorama to give her the advocate coat back. Manorama says okay you will become barrister but let me just take some pictures with Anirudh. She says no, you can’t be with him with this outfit, understand.

Now give me my outfit back. Manorama smiles and gives back to her. Bondita wears it and then leaves the room. She later sees the mirror which Anirudh gave her. She takes it in her hands. She says you want me to be the advocate that is why I got jealous when I saw Manorama in this dress. She admits that from now on she will work hard and become a barrister like Anirudh. Later she goes to Batuk and asks him to teach her. He says but where is your copies. She says you need not to worry for that. I will handle everything. Also, I will go to school with you. Batuk smiles and says okay. Anirudh hears them and gets so happy. Manorama comes to him.

He holds her hand saying Bondita now wants to read and she even asks Batuk to take him to the school. Anirudh notices that he holds her hand so he takes his hand back. Anirudh says sorry to her. Manorama says you need not to apologize to me every time. She asks him to treat her as a friend. Anirudh nods his head in yes. Ahead, Trilochan’s glasses get damaged so he is unable to read the newspaper. Bondita says she will read it for him.

Trilochan gets happy upon this. Bondita reads out the news for Trilochan and in between talks about a British officer. Manorama’s ears turn on hearing it. She gets excited to complete her mission. But Binoy tells her that they are not going anywhere because Thakur who wanted to take advantage of Bondita expelled them. Manorama gets upset. She leaves from there. Bondita thinks what is wrong with Manorama why she is getting so upset. There, Anirudh asks Manorama what happened to you. She says that we didn’t get the invitation of the British function. Anirudh gives her an idea. In which he asks Manorama to invite Rani Vebhavi here and make some cake and tea for her. She says okay I will do it. Then she starts making a cake. Bondita finds the recipe wrong but say nothing to her. She thinks that Manorama is making a cake for Anirudh and she doesn’t want that Anirudh eats such bad cake. So she makes another one for him. Episode end.

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