Bawara Dil 23 March 2021 Written Update – Siddhi warned Shiva

At the beginning of the episode, Sonia lighted the diva and said I won’t eat anything till my brother comes back from jail. Siddhi was sitting on the bed and opening her jewellery. Akka Bai told her lawyer that if till tomorrow Shiva didn’t come out from the jail then you would shot yourself with this gun. Siddhi was sleeping and she heard that Gaurav was shouting for help. Siddhi went out and saw Gaurav was tied to a tree and Shiva was standing next to him by taking a fire stick in his hand. Shiva said I would burn each and everything which you Love. Then Shiva put Gaurav on fir and then Siddhi woke up. Sonia came to her and asked what happened. Siddhi said I will not stay here as I don’t feel good. Shiva’s father stopped her and said have you meal as you haven’t eaten anything since last night. Siddhi asked him that why are you doing these things for me? He said why should I not do as you are my daughter in law. Suddenly Malini came to meet Siddhi and she hugged her tightly.

They welcomed Malini and told her to settle down and talk with her. Sonia told Malini that Siddhi hasn’t eaten anything so please you try to convince her to eat something. After Sonia left from there Malini asked Siddhi that why you haven’t eaten anything as we would be worried seeing you like this. Siddhi told her that I have to meet him. Siddhi went to the police station to meet Siddhi. Shiva told her that I haven’t killed him. Siddhi told him that I am aware of everything that what you can do. Siddhi warned him that I would take revenge on your before my death. Siddhi went off from there.

The wind started blowing heavily and Sonia was trying to protect that Diva which she lighted for Shiva. Suddenly Siddhi came there and Sonia requests her to close the window. Siddhi thought for a while and then closed the windows. The next day Akka Bai came for Shiva’s bail. Bhawe informed her that it’s impossible to bring out Shiva as there is a murder charge on him. Akka bai used her contact to bring out Shiva from the Jail. Afterwards, Shiva came in a police van to present him in court. Akka Bai told her not to worry as I would take you from here.

Siddhi came back to her room and saw that Diva was about to vanish and Sonia was sleeping. Siddhi wakes Sonia and told her not to do this and eat something. Sonia requested Siddhi to fill they diva with oil but she didn’t move. Then Sonia was trying to stand but she was feeling too weak. Siddhi filed that on behalf of Sonia.