Bawara Dil 22 March 2021 Written Update – Shiva got his father love

At the beginning of the episode, Akka Bai told the ACP officer that it might cost you a big amount. ACO officer told her that it’s our duty and we have orders from high officials. The police took Shiva and made him sit in the police van. Suddenly Narpath came into his car and gave a look to Shiva. Narpath came out of his car and went to Shiva. He told him that I have a gift for you. Narpath took out momentum and showed him. Then he dropped that and gave him evil smile.

The party leader was telling Akka Bai to handle the situation within the time or else it would affect your position in the party. Afterwards, Shiva mother came to Akka Bai and shouts at her for what all happened with Shiva. Akka Bai told her not to worry as it’s our responsibility to bring back Shiva you Just go and prepare for his welcome. Shiva’s mother asked for a favour from Akka Bai to throw that girl out of Shiva’s Life.

Malini was telling that we did a big mistake by marrying her with that goon but now I would not let anyone to ruins her Life. Sagar told her that she married to Shiva in front of the whole village and now you are willing to take her back. Ishwar told them not to argue and asked Siddhi that what’s your wish? Malini told him that you are late for this question. Suddenly Akka Bai came there and told them that I would bring your husband back. Siddhi asked her that can you bring Gaurav back. Akka Bai got angry and asked Ishwar that these are the values which you gave it to her. Ishwar told her that I am a little bit helpless that’s why she is silent or else she would give you a better reply. Akka Bai told Ishwar that previously Shiva saved you but this time he wouldn’t come to save you. Suddenly Shiva’s father came there and told them that I would come to save him in the place of Shiva.

The police were asked Shiva that why you killed Gaurav? Shiva was sitting still without telling anything. The police inspector said I know many other ways to bring out the truth. Shiva’s father told Akka Bai to go from here because Ishwar is our family member from now so we would decide that what would happen next. Akka Bai got a call from the minister and she went from there. Yashwant told Ishwar that I am sure that my son cannot kill anyone so I would request to send Siddhi to our house. Shiva’s mother was not happy with this decision.

Yashwant brought Siddhi with her and Sonia welcomed her into the house. Siddhi enters the house and Sonia took her with herself. Their police were beating Shiva for the truth. Suddenly His father came there and told them that he is innocent why are you beating him? Police left from there. Yashwant told Shiva that I came here because I am sure you haven’t done anything so be bold.