Bawara Dil 24 March 2021 Written Update – Siddhi dressed like a widow

At the beginning of the episode, Shiva’s father came back and Sonia asked her that what happened in the court. He told Sonia that your brother is innocent because he has not done anything so why not he would get bail. Sonia gets happy and told Siddhi that I was telling you that he is innocent. Shiva’s father told Siddhi that now Shiva got the bail so we would go back to that house.

Shiva father took them Sonia and Siddhi to the old house. Mangala was not happy to see Siddhi. Vijaya took Siddhi with her inside the house. Vijaya brought sarees and jewellery for Siddhi and told her to get ready as Shiva is about to come. Vijaya saw Siddhi a little upset. Vijaya told her to believe me that Shiva can’t kill anyone. Siddhi told her that you go I am coming after getting ready. Mangala was happy to see Shiva and was about to welcome him. Shiva’s father told her that from now all this would be done by Siddhi. Siddhi appeared there in a white saree. Mangala started scolding her for dressing like a widow. Shiva told Mangala not to say anything as no one can do anything with me. Siddhi took the plate and welcomed Shiva.

Mangala was getting angry at Siddhi and cursing her. Ishwar was sitting on a swing and missing Siddhi. He was recalling the childhood memories of Siddhi. Suddenly someone came with a gift for Ishwar. Sagar told Malini that these gifts are from Shiva’s side for us. Malini scolded Sagar for ignoring Siddhi’s happiness in front of these expensive gifts. Sagar told her that we can’t change anything now so we have to accept this. Suddenly Shiva’s father appeared over there. Ishwar welcomed him and made him settle. Shiva’s father told him that I can understand your feelings as I have also one daughter so you need not to worry about Siddhi. Shiva’s father told Malini to pack your hand made food for Siddhi.

Siddhi was sitting in her room and Sonia came to call her for dinner. Siddhi told her that I won’t come. Siddhi was feeling guilty for behaving with Sonia like this. Siddhi came with her downstairs. Shiva’s father gave a surprise to Siddhi by giving her food made by her mother. Siddhi gets happy to smell the food made by her mother.