Bawara Dil 25 March 2021 Written Update – A cold war between Shiva and Siddhi

At the beginning of the episode, Siddhi gets happy to see food came from her home. Before starting the meal Sonia requested Shiva to speak few lines for Siddhi. Shiva denied doing such things but his father told him that this is our rituals. Then Shiva and Siddhi taunted each other by telling negative things to each other.

Siddhi was sitting in her room and recalling all the past incidents with Shiva. Malini calls Siddhi and she was a little tense. Siddhi told her that nothing would happen to me. Siddhi was having a small knife which she hides after seeing Shiva coming inside the room. Shiva told her to keep that knife in the drawer and sleep down peacefully. Shiva slept on the floor.

Afterwards, Siddhi was unable to sleep so she thought of switching off the lights. Accidently Siddhi stumbled and fell on Shiva but she managed to balance her. Then Siddhi stood again and switched off the light. Shiva screamed and hugged Siddhi tightly. Siddhi started telling him to leave me but he was insisting her to switch on the light first. Then Shiva told her that lights were remain turned on in this room. Siddhi asked why are you scared of the dark. Shiva went from there without saying anything.

The next morning Siddhi woke up and misses her family. Siddhi recalls how the day starts when she use to stay with her family. Siddhi was thinking that how I would manage to live here as there is no peace. Shiva’s Father came to Siddhi with a cup of tea. He told her that you didn’t complete your sleep as Shiva wouldn’t allow you to switch off the light. Siddhi look’s on.

Bhawe calls Shiva and told him that Akka Bai had called you with your wife. Shiva got confused that why she had called both of us. Shiva came to the balcony and saw Siddhi along with her father in law and thought about what they are doing together. Shiva’s father gave her a mangalsutra and told her that Mangala never got to know the importance of this but I think you will. Shiva came there and told Siddhi to get ready as Akka Bai have called us. Siddhi said I am not her slave so I wouldn’t go anywhere.