Bawara Dil 29 March 2021 Written Update – Shiva and Siddhi spent time together

At the beginning of the episode, Siddhi tells Shiva that she will speak whatever she feels best. Shiva asks her to stop now. Siddhi says she had nothing to lose. Shiva said to Siddhi not to challenge him otherwise she will get burned. Siddhi said she will see whatever Shiva will do. Ishwar and Yashwant were talking about something. Ishwar said he will take Siddhi with him for the ritual? Yashwant said after taking blessing from god Siddhi can join Ishwar. Siddhi blindfolds herself and sleeps. Does Shiva ask how she can sleep like this? Siddhi said she can not sleep while the lights are turned on. Siddhi’s hiccups started suddenly. Shiva was giving her water but by mistake, Shiva falls on Siddhi. Siddhi asks him what he is doing? Shiva said she was just giving him water. They both go to sleep.

The next morning Siddhi recites the mantra. She was going to the washroom but suddenly Shiva gets out of the washroom shirtless. Siddhi didn’t like that. Shiva said he didn’t need any permission for these. Siddhi said her permission is necessary. Shiva asked her not to talk unnecessarily. Shiva asked her what she will do? Siddhi says Shiva is cruel. Shiva shouts he didn’t kill anyone. Shiva said he can kill anybody now.

Siddhi prays to god. Vijaya offered her sweets but Siddhi refused. Vijaya told Siddhi to keep the plate at the dining table. Shiva gets ready and goes outside. Shiva shouts at everyone not to apply colour to him. Yashwant through water over Shiva. Someone hides behind Siddhi and asks Siddhi to save him from Shiva. Mangal said to Vilas that she will do something due to which Shiva will throw her outside of the house. Mangal thought to feed cannabis sweets to Siddhi.

Yashwant asked Siddhi to celebrate Holi without any sort of anger. Siddhi was about to eat Bhaang laddus offered by Vijaya but Akka Bai arrived suddenly. Akka Bai said let’s celebrate Holi and she tried to apply colour to Siddhi but Siddhi refused and said she doesn’t play Holi. Shiva got angry again. Akka Bai tried to make her understand that Siddhi is his wife. Akka Bai again questions Siddhi’s upbringing saying she doesn’t know how to take blessings from elders. Siddhi said she can take blessings. Akka Bai said Siddhi is taking her choice by herself. Akka said to Shiva that I want to talk to you about something important.