Bhagya Lakshmi 11 May 2022 written update: Rishi and Lakshmi are the ideal couple

In the beginning of the episode, Neelam says to Malishka’s mother that she will teach Lakshmi a lesson. She says that Lakshmi has the status of being a servant at her house and that is what she will be from now on. Neelam says that if she has to stoop low to get Lakshmi out of Rishi’s life, then she will do it happily. She says she will also show Lakshmi how fond she is of Malishka and wants her to be Rishi’s wife. Meanwhile Malishka sits with the reporters who came for Lakshmi’s interview. She says to them that Lakshmi isn’t the perfect wife and is with Rishi for his money and soon is going to divorce him and get a huge alimony.

Shalu hears her saying all of this, Lakshmi comes down the stairs and hands the reporter a photo of her wedding. Shalu goes after Malishka, She says to her that she is doing so wrong right now and will realise it soon. Malishka says that she is not wrong and says that she doesn’t understand what she means to say. Shalu says she heard what She has said to the reporters about Lakshmi. Malishka says she has told the truth, Shalu says the truth is Rishi loves Lakshmi and she realises this and is insecure.

Malishka gets upset and leaves, Lakshmi comes and says hello to Shalu. Shalu tells her that they have been receiving calls at home for praise for how she saved Rishi. Lakshmi asks Shalu to stay, but she says that she has to leave as she has to pick Bani.

Lakshmi at night in her room feels pain in her shoulder. Rishi comes to the room and she asks him if he is fine, he says he took a painkiller. He then notices her in pain and applies ointment on her shoulder. Lakshmi sees them in the mirror, and Rishi asks her to rest. In the morning, Rishi asks her if she is still in pain, and Lakshmi lies that she is better. Rishi gives her medicine, and she smiles.

Neelam opens the door for Malishka and her mother. Malishka gives Neelam flowers and says that the article that was supposed to show Lakshmi as the perfect wife, has changed that as she told the reporters that Lakshmi is after Rishi’s money. Shalu brings the newspapers with her. Malishka takes it from her and says she will read it out to everyone at the dining table. Malishka gets shocked seeing the papers praises Lakshmi and calling Rishi and Lakshmi perfect match, and her the vamp.