Bhagya Lakshmi 13th August 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, The constable laughed at the lady constable. And saying that he was talking about the pen right under her nose. The Lady constable let’s Balwinder go. After Balwinder goes away. Durga Devi comes and asks them if they found any clues. They say they haven’t found anything. Durga Devi says she thinks he might have escaped. Durga Devi goes to find Balwinder with the constables. Karishma says Lakshmi is acting like a VIP. Dadi says you don’t need to worry about Lakshmi she knows her duties well.

Virendra goes to the Pandit and tells him to ask him if he needs anything. Rishi comes to Neelam and asks if she called him. Neelam says no. Rishi says Malishka called and said that you called. Lakshmi says to Ayush that Malishka should not find that we are doubting her.

Kiran comes to Malishka and tells her that Balwinder escaped and he called her. Ayush comes there and asks what are they gossiping about. He asks Malishka why she lied to them. Is it to stop us from reaching the truth? Malishka warns him to not behave in this way with her. She goes to Neelam and complains to her about Ayush.

Neelam supports Malishka. Ayush says Malishka can’t survive if I started talking. He confronts why she lied. Neelam says she lied but she did as responsibility, unlike Lakshmi. Rishi asks why she is pointing Lakshmi. Neelam asks Ayush to not tease Lakshmi as she is our bahu. Karishma supports her. They leave asking them to come for pooja. Rishi goes aside to answer call.

Malishka says to Lakshmi that she is about to be daughter in law of this house, hope you hear it. Lakshmi says that’s because nobody in this house knows the truth about you. Malishka asks what is the truth. Lakshmi says she knows that she brought a fake Pandit but Rishi and I became very close. Malishka tells Neelam that Lakshmi is accusing her of getting an electric shock. Kiran berates Lakshmi.

Ayush says he feels the same. Kiran asks him to use the brain and not follow Lakshmi. That Pandit is not arranged by Malishka and he went suddenly as his grand daughter falls down and I received the message of him. Ayush asks her to show the message. Kiran asks if he is doubting her. Neelam asks Ayush to end the matter. Ayush asks her to show the message. Kiran shows him.

Ayush asks how she got Pandit’s number. Kiran says she took Pandit’s number for her friend’s party and I don’t know if he is real or fake. Ayush is about to question more. Neelam warns him to stop it. She asks Kiran and Malishka to not to take Ayush words seriously and asks the to join pooja. Virendra asks everyone to concentrate on puja. Rishi takes Lakshmi for puja. Malishka thinks Lakshmi is really lucky if not I am doing this much to separate but she still won against all the odds.

Pandit announces pooja is completed. Dadi thanks pandit and gives him Dakshina. In the room, Ayush thinks Malishka is behind this attack but I’m unable to prove it and he realizes that Lakshmi may get attacked again. He thinks Lakshmi bore so much and she can’t deserve it. Lakshmi doesn’t let Virendra bend reminding him about his pain. Virendra asks what about your pain?

You go near death but you’re worried for my dad’s puja and I can’t bear if something happens to you. Lakshmi hugs him in tears. She tells she is ready to lose everything for this family. Malishka says they got saved. Kiran says but their plan is failed. Sonia asks Malishka if she is behind the attack. Kiran and Malishka tell her she didn’t. Sonia says she won’t support them if she finds it’s lie. Malishka asks her to trust her. Sonia leaves. Malishka says everyone is leaving after punching me. Ayush acts as he is about to punch Malishka but he doesn’t. Malishka and Kiran feel tense.