Bhagya Lakshmi 15 January 2022 written update – Rano seeks alimony

At the beginning of the episode, Virendra hears Rishi and Neelam talking. Rishi asks how he is. Virendra pats his shoulder and goes without saying anything. Rano thinks she acted so well in front of Lakshmi. She feels happy that Lakshmi did not get a job so that she has another ground for asking for alimony.

Lakshmi goes to look for another job. Auto breaks down on the way in front of Rishi’s office. She worries what if the watchman recognizes her. Watchman tells the auto driver to move the auto as the owner’s car is coming. Lakshmi hides inside the auto. She sees someone get out of the car. The staff recognizes Lakshmi and asks her if he can take her somewhere. Lakshmi says she does not need it.

Rano goes to Oberoi’s house. Neelam asks her where Lakshmi is. Rano says she did not know that they tortured Lakshmi in this way and Rishi had an extra-marital affair. Neelam asks her why she has come without Lakshmi. Rano says they must pay alimony for Lakshmi’s divorce. Karishma says this is their reality and this is why Lakshmi created this drama. Rano says Karishma should not speak nonsense against Lakshmi. She says they spoilt her life and she is not wrong in asking for compensation. Karishma says Lakshmi was not the owner of this house, only Rishi’s wife but now she is trying to extract money from them.

Karishma tells Neelam not to fall down to Rano’s level. Virendra comes and asks about Lakshmi. Rano says Lakshmi is not well but she will be better after taking compensation from them.

Lakshmi’s auto breaks down again in front of a temple. Lakshmi gets out to take another auto. Lakshmi crosses Rishi’s car but they do not see each other. Rishi gives money to a beggar who tells him to visit the temple. Lakshmi also goes to the temple. Rishi also goes in and wishes that he is able to meet Lakshmi and explain himself. Lakshmi wishes that she should never meet Rishi again and to give her the power to face this world. They miss each other again. Lakshmi takes another auto and goes from there.

Virendra is shocked to hear of alimony. Neelam says alimony is given only after the divorce. Rano says she knows it and she came here to tell them that Lakshmi wants a divorce from Rishi. She says they just want 50 percent of their property. Neelam says there will be no divorce and Lakshmi will come back and stay in this house. Rano says Lakshmi does not want to stay with fake people like them.

Virendra says Lakshmi can never want a divorce and this must be Rano’s idea. Rano says they are saying Lakshmi is nice because they want to save money. Virendra refuses to believe it. Rano says she will take money from them in whichever way and she will not spare them. She leaves from there. Neelam blames Lakshmi for wrong attitude and irresponsible behavior. Virendra says she did nothing wrong but the circumstances are wrong. Lakshmi reaches the interview venue. Rishi also comes to the same office.

Episode ends