Bhagya Lakshmi 16 May 2022 written update: Rishi agrees to get engaged to Malishka

In the beginning of the episode, Rishi comes to Malishka’s house to apologize to her for the insult caused to her and her family because of Lakshmi’s interview. Malishka’s mother says to Rishi that she cannot allow him to meet her as she doesn’t want her daughter to get hurt any further. She says to Rishi that she isn’t blind as she can see her daughter suffer and get jealous of Lakshmi everyday. Rishi says that Lakshmi will be out in 3 months, she says to him but Malishka is suffering. She says that Malishka didn’t believe in Markesh Dosh yet for Neelam’s sake she got him married to Lakshmi.

Malishka’s mother says to Rishi that she wants him to make a decision whether he wants Malishka or Lakshmi. She says and if he chooses Malishka then he has to get engaged to her and after three months get married, as Malishka is being called the third woman in the society. Rishi asks if he can meet Malishka, She asks him to only return when he has a decision. He leaves, Malishka comes out of hiding and hugs her mother and says that she did her job. Malishka’s mother says to her that the job will be done when Karishma and Neelam also agree, which she already convinced them.

Neelam and Karishma talk to Virendra, who says that it’s tough for him to believe that Lakshmi will do such a thing. Karishma says that Lakshmi is doing this to get revenge, as they hid the Markesh dosh from her. Neelam says that Malishka’s mother was crying and saying that Rishi should get engaged to Malishka, and she thinks that’s the right thing to do. Rishi comes to the house and straight goes to his room.

Rishi sees Lakshmi organising the cupboard, and says to her what kind of human she is that when his and Malishka’s family is worried for their reputation, she is relaxed and organising her clothes. Lakshmi says to him that everyone had already screamed at her and she is not at fault. He says tk her that whatever money she wants she can take but she should leave him now as everyone is hurting because of her. She says that it’s because of Malishka, as she is interfering. She asks him to keep Malishka away for 3 months. He says now he’ll do what he thinks is right.

Rishi goes to Malishka’s house and proposes to her for marriage after 3 months and marriage tomorrow itself. Malishka gets excited, her father says to Rishi that this time he also needs his family’s approval. Rishi takes Malishka’s family to Oberoi mansion, and says in front of everyone that he is giving Malishka commitment by getting engaged tomorrow. Lakshmi hears this and gets emotional.