Bhagya Lakshmi 17 May 2022 written update: Malishka makes fun of Lakshmi’s emotions

In the beginning of the episode, Lakshmi overhears Rishi telling his family that he has decided to get engaged to Malishka as a promise to her. Rishi sees Lakshmi and comes to her, holds her hand and drags her to a corner. She asks him to leave her hand as it’s hurting, he doesn’t listen to her and brings her down the stairs. He says how much more she wants him to leave her, he is already leaving her and committed to get engaged to Malishka. She says to him that what he is doing is wrong as they are still married.


Rishi says to her she cannot say that now as their marriage is left for just 3 months and she was the one who asked for divorce. She says to him that he saved her and she saved him, doesn’t he think that has some meaning, he says to her that they are even. He says to her that it is because of her that he had to get engaged, as she was the one who got the article published calling Malishka the second woman. He says to her that in consequence, she has to now see him get engaged.


Lakshmi goes to her room and cries, Malishka comes there and Lakshmi wipes her tears. Malishka says to her that she shouldn’t stop as she came, she can continue her tears as it’s just the beginning. Malishka says to Lakshmi that this is her true place in the house in a corner weeping. Lakshmi says to Malishka that she is crying because Rishi is hurting, and he has said yes to be engaged to her as he wants to make her suffer. Malishka leaves the room and Rishi stands outside.


He follows Malishka out, and asks her what happened. She says to him that she gave a befitting reply to Lakshmi as she was taunting her for so long. Rishi then says to her that he is going to talk to the family as they have to discuss the arrangements for the engagement. Meanwhile, Shalu and Bani talk to each other about the article and everyone’s reaction. Malishka calls Shalu, she picks and Malishka says to her that she is invited to her and Rishi’s engagement.


Neelam, Virendra, Karishma and Malishka’s parents discuss the engagement party. Karishma says that they will call Rishi’s favourite chef and get all of Rishi and Malishka’s favourite dishes made. Neelam says and they also have to think about the ring, Rishi says he will get the ring. Neelam says that she will call the jeweller and they can choose a ring. Rishi’s grandmother asks them what’s going on, and is informed about the engagement. She says to Neelam that she thinks this is wrong as Rishi is still married.