Bhagya Lakshmi 2 December 2021 written update – Malishka agrees to marry Viraj

At the beginning of the episode, Abhay tells Kiran that Viraj and Malishka refused for the marriage, but Lakshmi convinced Viraj. Kiran says Malishka will not agree. Abhay says then Lakshmi will have to convince her too. Kiran thinks Malishka will eventually say no to this wedding. Abhay tells her that Rishi will be happy with Lakshmi as Malishka wanted to control him just like Kiran tried to control him. He says he prayed for Lakshmi’s happiness, as she is very nice.

Lakshmi asks Rishi why he did not tell her. Malishka says it is good that she came to know. Rishi stops her and says to Lakshmi that he did not want to hide anything from her. Lakshmi smiles and says she heard that Malishka is happy with this alliance. She thinks they are pulling her leg and pulls Malishka by hand to Viraj and others.

Lakshmi asks Malishka to tell everyone what she was telling Rishi. Malishka remains quiet. Lakshmi tells everyone that Malishka is very happy and she has said yes. Everyone feels happy and congratulates them. Dadu announces their ROKA ceremony on day after next day. Malishka is shocked.

Rishi goes home angrily. Lakshmi wonders what is wrong with him. Sudeep tells Lakshmi that he gave Virendra medicine as she told.

Ayush drops Shalu home. Lakshmi calls to check on them and tells Ayush to drive carefully. Shalu tells her that she reached safely. Ayush gets emotional due to Lakshmi’s concern. He tells Shalu that he is very lucky that Lakshmi came to their family and even his mother never asked him to drive carefully like this. Shalu tells him that he is sometimes cute. Ayush says sometimes even she is good. They both say thank you.

Malishka goes home angrily. Kiran tries to talk to her but she says she needs her time. Malishka thinks about how Rishi changed in front of Laskhmi. She calls Viraj and says all this happened in a hurry. She tells him that she is ready for this wedding. Viraj says Lakshmi told him. Malishka tells him not to take her name. Malishka says she said yes because of Rishi.

Rishi tries to call Malishka. He remembers that they blocked each other. He calls Kiran. Malishka gets happy but then disconnects. Rishi thinks he could not say anything to Lakshmi. Lakshmi comes in and thinks Rishi has slept. Rishi pretends to be asleep. Lakshmi takes off his shoes, but Rishi gets up and says he was just resting. Rishi tells her not to take care of him. Lakshmi says she can decide how to take care of her husband. Rishi feels guilty. Lakshmi says she loves her husband a lot.

Ayush tells Sudeep to bring food for him. Sudeep says he has just come from a party. Ayush is too excited and goes to Virendra’s room to share the news with him. Virendra and Neelam are sleeping. Ayush tries to wake him up. Neelam gets up, so he hides. Neelam wakes Virendra to check who is there. Ayush gets scared of Neelam. Virendra says there is no-one. Neelam gets up to turn on the light. Ayush hides behind the curtains. Virendra sees him. Neelam gives him a lamp shade to hit the thief. Ayush gets ready to get hit.

Rishi ignores Lakshmi. She asks him what is bothering him. Rishi makes excuses,. But Lakshmi says he should be happy as Malishka said yes because of him.

Episode ends