Bhagya Lakshmi 22 June 2022 written update: Rishi and Lakshmi get divorced

In the beginning of the episode, Lakshmi comes to her room. She sees Rishi holding Malishka, and Rishi feels awkward. Malishka, to make her jealous, holds on to Rishi and then buttons his shirt. Malishka taunts Lakshmi that she wouldn’t today try to get her out of the room, Lakshmi doesn’t respond. She says to her it’s nice that she realized that she is just temporary and that she is permanent in Rishi’s life. Lakshimi says to Rishi that Gautam and his family have come and want to meet him. Malishka asks her to go ahead and she will help Rishi get ready. Lakshmi leaves, and Rishi goes to change.

Rishi comes downstairs, Neelam says to everyone that he is here and now they can tell him about the good news. Rishi asks her what’s happening, Neelam tells him that Ahana and Gautam are getting engaged tomorrow. He says won’t it be too early, how will they prepare. Gautam’s father says that it’s an auspicious day and the engagement can be simple, they just are happy to welcome Ahana to their family. Rishi says if Ahana i’d ready then he has no problem, Ahana nods. Gautam’s father says then tomorrow they’ll celebrate the engagement with Lakshmi’s handmade sweets.

Neelam asks Rishi to leave or he’ll get late. Rishi says to Gautam’s family that he has something important to attend to, so he and Lakshmi have to leave. She pretends to stumble and takes blessings from Dadi and Virendra. Malishka stops Rishi and Lakshmi when they are leaving, she says to Rishi that she will come with him in his car. Lakshmi says to him that she will go and wait in the car.

Rishi asks Malishka why would she say that, she says to him that her boyfriend is getting divorced and now will be her’s. She says to him then she also wants to witness the moment. Rishi says to her that for her it may all be fun and games, but for it has been tough. He says to her that he wants to go there alone. Outside, Ahana comes to Lakshmi and says to her not to spoil her life for her sake. Ahana says to her that they should go and tell everyone the truth that it’s her who’s pregnant. Lakshmi says to her not to say anything and just talk to Gautam’s parents first.

Rishi comes there and Lakshmi changes the topic, Rishi asks Ahana if she wants to tell him something. She says to him that she wishes everything good will happen. In the car Rishi asks Lakshmi if she wants to talk to him, she says that they have said enough to each other in anger for the last 3 months now she wants to spend the time in silence. Both of them have flashbacks of their time together. Meanwhile, Malishka says to Karishma and Neelam that she is scared that Lakshmi will manipulate Rishi and he won’t tell the whole truth.