Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 15 January 2022 written update – Nupur’s tough decision

At the beginning of the episode, Chikoo asks Nupur why she is asking about her parents and says that she also wants to send her like Rama tai whereas Nupur says that she didn’t want to do this. Nupur says that she wants to go outside where Chikoo asks her to take her but Nupur asks her to study where Nupur thinks that she wants to take her but she wants to know her truth. Hira amma thinks that Nupur will definitely come to meet her.

Savitri says that she should trust on hira amma where Kamini gets scared where Milind says that Savitri is right where Rama tai said that why they are doing so much for Chikoo and blames Chikoo for everything. Kamini is scared and asks her not to do anything.

The Police come to hira amma and ask her to come out. The Police beat hira amma and ask him to say about Chikoo parents where hira amma gets angry with Nupur and decides not to say anything to anyone. Nupur packs her bag with money and decides to give it to hira amma where Nupur comes there where hira amma said that she will not talk to her where Nupur says that she didn’t do anything. Mini thinks that if hira amma said that Mini is not her daughter then they will throw her out.

Chikoo prays to god where Mini comes there and pushes Chikoo and said that she didn’t want to let her wish come true and said that she doesn’t want to leave this house where Rama tai said that what they are talking about where Mini blames Chikoo for Everything and asks Rama tai to send her away where Mini told Chikoo that Nupur goes to meet hira amma.

Nupur says that she doesn’t know that her family member complaint about her where she shows money to her where hira amma asks her to escape her from here where Nupur agrees with her. Chikoo prays to God where she thinks that hira amma is clever that she will not help her. Hira amma asks Nupur that she is sure that she will escape her from there. Chikoo looks at Police and thinks but she gets agrees and said that she will escape her from here.

Nupur comes home and thinks about hira amma where Chikoo said why she wants to find her parents and said that why she wants to send her away from her. Chikoo says that how she told her that she is her daughter.

Upcoming story: hira amma Kidnap Nupur and said that why she is not thinking about Payal where Nupur asks her about Chikoo’s parents. Hira amma told her that Mini is not her daughter.