Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 22 January 2022 written update: Nupur celebrates Mini’s birthday

At the beginning of the episode, Nupur decides to tell it to Milind but she decides not to say Because she lost the trust. Nupur leaves from there where Kamini comes Inside and asks him to find the file. Kamini gets angry at him where Nupur comes home where Mini asks her to tell her a story and loves her where Nupur said that she should have bath where Mini says that she doesn’t love her and pushed her away. Milind asks her that they will come together or not at all. Nupur says that Payal birthday is coming and they should do a surprise party where Milind asks about file where Nupur leaves from there.

Chikoo says that what they are doing where they ask her that they are celebrating Payal’s birthday. Chikoo gets happy. Mini wanted to go outside where Kamini told her that they are organizing her birthday party where Mini gets happy and asks start jumping. Kamini told her that file is missing and asked him to behave nicely where Mini gets happy.

Nupur is preparing everything where Milind thanks to everyone that they come on short notice where Milind asks everyone to clap and sing for her daughter. Light goes off where Chikoo comes down where Mini comes and asks them to sing again. Mini thanks to everyone and take gifts from them. Milind asks Mini to say something where Mini starts dancing with Everyone. Everyone gets happy when Milind asks her to say something where Mini thanks to everyone for the gift and said that she is thanking to them according to their gifts. Nupur looks on. Everyone asks her to cut the cake where Mini says that they have to play first where Nupur thinks to grab the opportunity where Nupur starts playing the game with them.

Nupur asks them to say a word after one another and asks them not to take time. They start Playing where Mini says some other name where Nupur asks why she takes another name where Mini gets Shocked and starts shouting that Nupur spoil her birthday. Mini throws Everything and said that she ruined it itself and leaves from there. Everyone looks on. Kamini says that Nupur destroys her daughter’s birthday where Rama tai blames Nupur. Nupur goes behind Mini and asks her to behave where Nupur said that they both know that they are not her parents then why she is pretending. Mini looks on. Mini gets frustrated and said that she is not her daughter.

Upcoming story: Savitri asks why she is lying where Nupur asks her to tell about her daughter where Chikoo thinks to tell her the truth. Nupur asks her that who gave her Payal locket where Mini says Chikoo.