Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 23 January 2022 weekly

We saw that hira amma get caught and asks Nupur to escape from the jail where Nupur is tensed. Kamini asks Mini to do something so that they can believe that she is her daughter where Nupur goes to meet hira amma where Nupur agrees with her and tries to take the prints of keys on soap. Nupur thinks that she should do this for Chikoo. Nupur goes to make keys where kamini follows her. Nupur lied to her where they comes home. Rama tai blames Chikoo for everything. Mini locks the room where Nupur runs from there where Nupur goes to escape hira amma.

Later, hira amma runs from the jail where Nupur is waiting outside the jail. Nupur sees hira amma going and feels betrayed. Nupur comes home and feels guilty where Milind comes to know that hira amma runs from jail and blames Nupur. Milind says that he can’t trust her anymore.. Nupur feels bad and leaves from there where she thinks that why she accepts her condition.

After all this, Rama tai organise a pooja for peace where Nupur goes outside where Rama tai blames Chikoo and Nupur for Everything. Chikoo goes to find Nupur but she didn’t find her anywhere in the house. She thinks that she Shouldn’t say it to anyone otherwise Everyone will blame her. Nupur goes outside where hira amma Kidnapped Nupur and takes her to her place.

Later, Nupur is thinking about Chikoo where hira amma Kidnap Nupur. Nupur says that She betrayed her and now she kidnap her here. Hira amma said that if she stop that day then police will caught her again that’s why she goes from there. Hira amma said that she promised her that she will asks her about her daughter where hira amma said that why she wants to know about Chikoo parents.

Hira amma reveals that Mini is not her daughter where Nupur says that she is manipulating against Chikoo where she comes to home and asks Mini that she is not her daughter where Everyone blames her and said that she is gone mad where Nupur decide to take truth out. Nupur goes to hospital to take the DNA report where Kamini also comes there where Nupur takes the report from there.

Later, Nupur comes home and organised a birthday party for her where Chikoo thinks that today is her birthday where Nupur decides to expose Mini. Nupur plays a game with her and comes to know that she is not her daughter. Mini spoiled her birthday and goes to her room where Nupur says that both knows that they are not mother and daughter where Mini confesses the truth.

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