Choti Sarrdaarni 12 February 2021 Written Update – Will Sarab meet Meher?

At the beginning of the episode, Seher and Karan became good friends. Suddenly Meher came and took Karan to the police station for reporting to his parents. Sarab gave a photo of Karan to the policeman and said him to keep his search operation active. In between the way Karan started telling me that I would not go to the police station. Sarab was standing over there but didn’t notice Meher. Karan lied to Meher that there is an aunt who beats me with a stick every day so I don’t want to go back.

Kulwant was waiting for the call from Sarab and Harleen but Bittu said it would take time to search his dead body. Bittu and Rana asked Kulwant that now we can stay with our wives but Kulwant scolded them and said, now Meher’s whole is still alive. Kulwant told them to get ready for the London trip to kill Param. Meher decided to take Karan to his home by himself. Koul was insisting Meher give this responsibility to him, but Meher said I would only go as I have a good experience of handling a child.

Seher and Karan were discussing that we both have a single parent. They both decided to went over the mountains to find their parents. Sarab was searching for Karan in the locals of Kashmir suddenly he came across Koul. Sarab was about to show him the photo, but he left from there. Sarab and Meher were too close but they didn’t notice each other.

Sarab took out water from his car and left the back door unclosed. Seher and Karan secretly get inside and the car. Meher noticed them but till then Sarab left from there. Sarab stopped at one place where they got out and came across Meher. They started blaming each other for making this plan.

Ginni was about to have the meal but Kulwant stopped her from eating and said I would allow you both to have a child on one condition. Kulwant told them to go and had lunch with the Sarab’s family. Karan got to know that Mehre is talking him to his home so he lied about his hometown because he was willing to search for his mother. Sarab got a lead for his son. Before leaving Karan told Seher that he would come back soon. Karan acknowledged Seher about his phone number. Sarab arrived over there and rushes toward the guest house where Meher lives.

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