Dangal TV’s Mann Sundar celebrates 300 episodes!

It’s time to rejoice and celebrate on the set of Dangal TV’s Mann Sundar. The television show has completed 300 episodes and the team celebrated this milestone with a cake cutting on the set. Actors present at the celebration included Shivam Khajuria, Shruti Anand, Shivanshi Das, Manisha Saxena, Suraj Punjabi, Aparna Ghoshal, Mamta Luthra and Sanjay Bhatiya.

Dangal TV shows are known for being innovative, and consistently winning audiences’ hearts. Speaking of the accomplishment, actor Shivam Khajuria who plays the lead role says, “It feels surreal. When we started we never thought we would reach this far but now I feel it’s just a start. The connection we guys have built with the audience amazes me each day. Hope people continue to bless us like this. The journey has been great so far.”

Sharing his experience of working with Dangal TV, he says ” The relationship has been smooth. The channel always encourages us. It was all I could have hoped for.”

Actress Shruti Anand, who plays the lead in the show, says, “I am so overwhelmed, we are celebrating 300 episodes! Last year, when this show started, we didn’t know anything about how the story would turn out, whether people would like me in the show or not. This is my first show as a lead. But the love that we got for Ruchita, Nihar and the Mann Sundar family was immense. I feel grateful that I am a part of this great team, without which we would have not reached this milestone. I promise my fans and viewers that I will keep giving my 100% every day, and thank you for loving us. You guys are my strength.”

Watch Mann Sundar, Monday to Saturday at 8:30 pm, only on Dangal TV