Designer Anjali Phougat: Celebrity dressing or styling has to be a mutual partnership between designer and celebrity

Fashion designing is an art. There are the brains behind making people beautiful. Unfortunately there are issues a designer faces both nationally and internationally. A lot of times, at the beauty pageants, the credits are not given or when a dress is taken for a show it’s not returned by the celebrity. And, it becomes difficult to handle such situations. Popular fashion designer and humanitarian Anjali Phougat shares her viewpoint on the same.

“Celebrity dressing or styling has to be a mutual partnership between designer and celebrity. It has to be the right collaboration between both the parties where both uplift and support each other, such as a designer does an incredible job in styling the celebrity, and, the celebrity also should be kind and understanding towards their team, add the right credit, give the stuff back on time. Honesty and being respectful towards one another are the tricks of the trade,” she says.

Stressing on doing things right, Anjali adds further, “Make sure there is a proper contract in place before goods are shipped so that whoever it is being sent knows that they are responsible for it. If there is a written contract, then things are smooth and the brand or celebrity is supposed to compensate for the damages caused. This is how this industry should operate. Everything has to be written down in black and white and signed by both parties. Definitely, such mismanagement and behaviour is not cool. We all are working here and must cooperate with each other, making sure no one is at loss.”