Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 12 June 2021 Spoiler – Sunny hints Virat

In the upcoming episodes, Sunny brings Virats favorite street food.  Virat says Sai too like this. Sunny tells Virat that Sai likes you because she gets jealous when Pakhi talks to you.

Really Sai started loving Virat?

Up till now, Bhawani tells Virat the fall motion which Sai did today, do you think people will have the same r35espect for Pakhi after all this drama. Bhawani tells Virat that Sai doesn’t care about you and Ashwini just keeps on buttering her. Ashwini was telling Sai telling you should have informed Virat. Sai told her I won’t call him because I am angry with him.

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