Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 21 May 2022 written update: Samrat encourages Pakhi

At the beginning of the episode, Samrat goes to Pakhi and tells her that he read her blogs and she writes very nice. He says that she should again start writing the blogs. He says he read one of her blog in which she wrote about mental health and has also interviewed a 15 year old girl. He says that blog was very moving. Pakhi says that was very old. He says he knew because after that she started travel blogging. He says that the photos in her blog were mind blowing. 

He ask her when and where she learned photography? She says that her father gifted her camera when she was a kid and from that time she started clicking pictures. He says that her last blog was of yoga retreat centre. He says that the pictures in that blog were very detailed and nice. He says that while reading her blog he felt like he himself was there. He tells Pakhi that she should again start start writing blogs. She says that she never did blogging as a job it was her passion. Samrat says that’s nice. Samrat says that he will help her.

He says that she can consider it as he is returning her a favour. He reminds her that once he wants open an orphanage but her mother asked him to find a real job that time she supported her. He says that this time he will support her. Pakhi says that she don’t know whether she will be able to write again or not. she says that she don’t even know the motivation behind it. He says that she needs to find it by herself but he can help her in one thing. He says that one thing he can say about her blogs is that those blogs are just not blogs it felt like the writer has opened her life, experience and everything.

He says that they can do one more thing. He says that she is a travel blogger so she needs to travel. He tells her that they both can travel to different place and she can also see his orphanage. He says that atleast they can be friends. Pakhi recalls similar moments spent with Virat. She tells Samrat that they can be friends and also tells him that now she will focus on herself and her work.

Sai tells Virat that she is proud of him and also takes his name. He ask her to take his name one more time. Then Sai and Virat shares a romantic moment. on the other hand, a man came out of the jail after completing his punishment in jail. His Target is Sai. Bhawani comes late during the breakfast. Sai ask her how’s she? She says that she is not good. Sai ask her can she do something by which she can feel good. She ask her to bring a box from her cupboard. Virat ask her what is in that box? She says that he will find out when Sai brings it down.

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