Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 22 January 2022 written update – Virat leaves the house

At the beginning of the episode, Virat warns Karishma to not say anything against Shruti. Sonali tells him not to shout at others for his own mistakes. Devi says Virat has changed and has forgotten Sai for Shruti. Bhawani says his decision will spoil their family’s reputation. Virat says this decision is not his but they pushed him out. Ashwini and Ninad say they had to do it because of his actions. 


Pakhi thinks she never thought he will leave this house for someone. Pakhi and Samrat asks Virat where he is going. Virat says they have broken all ties with him, so what is the point of asking all this. Samrat says another girl would have complained against him by now, but Sai is not like that. Virat says Sai can complain against him if she wants to. Ashwini asks if he is ready to spoil his own life for Shruti’s sake. Bhawani warns him again. Mansi says she feels Virat is still not telling everything.


Virat says he has not done anything wrong. Ninad and Samrat ask if he really think so. Omkar tells Samrat to let him go. Virat tells Bhawani that he has not forgotten her teachings. He bends down to touch her feet but she steps away. Ninad and Ashwini also stop him. Virat says he has become a stranger for them. He asks for their forgiveness and leaves. Everyone is sad as he leaves. Ashwini falls and breaks down. Devi says Sai and Virat have gone their own separate ways, so who knows what will happen to them now.


Doctor tells Virat that Shruti’s operation is successful but she needs better care so he should move her to a bigger hospital.


Pakhi is disturbed in her room. She thinks she stayed in this house for Virat and now he has also left. She wonders if she should accept Samrat as her husband. She cries sadly. Samrat comes and asks her what happened. She says she has a headache. Samrat says atmosphere of the house has been spoilt because of Virat. Samrat says if ever meet Shruti, he will ask her to leave Virat. Pakhi says Virat did not listen to anyone.


Sonali and Bhawani force Ashwini to eat something at SATYANARAYAN KATHA at a neighbour’s house. Neighbours taunt Ashwini that both her son and daughter in law have left house. Bhawani says they have gone out for some work and will soon be back. They say they have seen Sai leaving house many times. Bhawani feels humiliated and thinks she must put an end to it. She says Sai is is not her daughter in law but Ashwini’s and Ashwini could not control her. Sonali tells everyone that Sai is wild and she even threatened about divorce.


Neighbours say Sai does not listen to any of them. Neighbours ask Ashwini if Sai had an affair. Ashwini says Sai was not at fault. They ask if Virat had an affair then. Sonali confirms Virat’s affair while defending Bhawani. Neighbours taunt Bhawani not to teach them about running household anymore.


Episode ends

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