Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 30 June 2022 written update: Virat and Sai visit the doctor

In the beginning of the episode, Sai has flashbacks of Pakhi and Bhavani’s decision to make Pakhi as the surrogate. Virat comes there and says to her that after listening to Pakhi and Bhavani’s justification, he even feels Pakhi can be the best surrogate for their baby. Sai asks why is her opinion in the matter not respected when she said that she won’t accept Pakhi as the surrogate. Virat says more than Pakhi, Bhavani wants and he feels she took Pakhi to the doctor. He tells Sai that Pakhi doesn’t feel purposeful in life and if she becomes the surrogate then she’ll have something.

Sai says to Virat all of a sudden he is supporting Pakhi’s offer, and asks him what he wants. He asks her why she cannot accept Pakhi as the surrogate when the doctor is all so saying she is the best choice. Sai says to him that she feels that Pakhi has some secret motive behind becoming the surrogate. Sai reads the message from the doctor that Geeta is fit, and tells Virat and asks him if he accepts Geeta. He agrees.

Sai and Virat visit the doctor with Geeta. Virat thanks Geeta for accepting to become a surrogate mother. Geeta says she should thank Sai instead for saving her husband and tells Virat that he is lucky to have Sai as his wife. Doctor says she could save Sai’s only 1 egg for fertilization and since Sai is very weak, she cannot go ahead with another procedure. Sai asks her to try her best, and the Doctor says they’ll start the process soon after the legal formalities are over.

Pakhi sees Geeta with Sai and Virat and follows her, and thinks to herself that she has to stop her as only she can be Virat’s child’s mother. Meanwhile, Sai asks Virat to take her to the mall as she wants to shop for Ashwini. Pakhi follows to her house, and her chain gets snatched. She says to the thief she won’t file a complaint if he does as she asks him to.

Sai and Virat return home and ask Ashwini tk close her eyes, Ashwini sees wool. Sai says to her that she can now start making sweaters for her grandchild. Ashwini gets happy and says she can’t wait to be called Dadi. Sai does aarti and gives everyone sweets, Pakhi asks what’s the good news, Sai says that the surrogacy procedure will start soon. Pakhi tells Virat that if his wife had not disapproved of her, she would have been a surrogate. Virat requests them not to argue, Sai asks Pakhi not to interfere in her life.

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