Imlie 12 June 2021 Spoiler -Tripathi’s get arrested

In the upcoming episode, Malini will help Kunal for Satyakam’s case. Malini comes to tripathi’s house to wish Aditya on his birthday. Malini will say him that she has two good news for him. Malini will say that the divorce date and Satyakam case date is final.

Will Malini and Aditya remain friends?

Up till now

Tripathi’s get arrested and locked in lockup. Imlie ask Anu that she isn’t doing right with them. Aparna said that Anu cross all the limits. Imlie goes to chaturvedi house and bring the cctv footage. Aditya comes to the Police station and said to Anu that she stoop so low. Anu blame her for playing with her daughter. Imlie get furious at Anu and show the CCTV footage to everyone and warns her that if she did anything wrong to her family , then she will expose her truth to everyone. Aparna breaks all the relation with Anu and said that from now she will not stop Aditya to take divorce. Anu looks on. Imlie told Anu that she is Malini’s mother , thatswhy she is leaving her and warns her not to harm her family.

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